Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Symphony

I woke up this morning at 5 am with the goal of getting to the cemetery by 6:10 to watch the sunrise and birds wake up. The air was warm enough for me to have the windows rolled down to totally appreciate the moment. Slowly but surely the inky gray sky turned red, than orange and finally blue. I could see squirrels climbing down from their dwellings to start the day, crows flew by crowing away and mallards flew into the river eager for breakfast. Suddenly the rest of the cemetery came to life. In a few seconds time the air was filled with a symphony of bird song. The lead vocalist as far as I was concerned was my beloved chickadee. For this little guy sang the song I have yearned to hear all winter long. The cemetery echoed with phee bee, phee bee, phee bee phee, phee bee phee. I tried searching for him but he was too far into the woods. I decided to stop looking and just listen.

Let me tell you getting up at the crack of dawn to be out in nature is something everyone should experience at least once. In all my 40 years of living I have never done it. This morning is a morning I will never forget. It was as if all of a sudden all of my senses came to life at the same time the sun rose. It was very spiritual and just what I needed to get myself out of this winter funk I have been in. It is something I will be doing again very soon.

The first picture you see is of a robin eating sumac today. The robins were very busy this morning eating any kind of berry they could find. I was very concerned about them early on, but they have proven to be resilient birds who can indeed survive a New England winter. The second photo was taken this morning at the cemetery as the sun rose.
My red bellied woodpecker perched on a tree deciding on whether she should start on the peanuts or suet first.

A chickadee at the cemetery enjoying the sunshine.

And last but certainly not least a turkey vulture!!! Whoot!!! I have not seen one of these since late October!!! How I missed watching them soar. A good day indeed.


Shellmo said...

What a spectacular sunrise you witnessed! The photo was beautiful with all those painted colors of the sky! And what a great birdy morning you had - it's fun to listen to those cheery chickadees sing! I believe their "fee bee" song means they are calling out their territory.

Craig Glenn said...


Sometimes that corner is closer than you think! I am so glad you enjoyed your adventure and from experience I know the experience is much more than is captured by our camera's.

Thanks for sharing this moment with us!

The Early Birder said...

FAB sunrise. I'm glad the early start paid off for you today.
Lol Frank

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Kallen, You did GOOD!!! I'm proud of you for getting up early and doing that. It is like seeing the sunrise on Easter Morning, isn't it??? I haven't done that lately--but hope to when we go to Arkansas in March.

Your pictures are wonderful --especially that one of the gorgeous sunrise.


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Sounds like getting up early was worth it! Enjoyed your sunrise!

RuthieJ said...

Fortunately I'm a morning person and have been out in the woods many times before the birds even wake up. I always enjoy hearing who sings first once the owls stop hooting (usually cardinal or robin).
Good for you Kallen--you've discovered the joy of waking up with the birds.

Rich said...


You hit the jackpot with this morning!
Great mornings are the best!

Kallen305 said...

Yes Shelley, I do believe you are right about the territory. I am telling you that song always cheers me up whenever I hear him sing it. Talk about music to ones ears.

Craig, you are so right about the experience being more that what is captured by the camera. I often had the camera put away today and just enjoyed the day. The camera thing is addicting though so it was kind or hard. ;o)

Early Birder, talk about the Early Bird cathes the worm. ;o). I am going to do this more often. I get up early all the time but putter around the house. No more! HA!

Betsy, I have never thought about getting up at Easter for a sunrise but it is so fitting. I get chills just thinking about how lovely it would be in conjunction with that sacred holiday and the meaning behind it.

Thanks Warren & Lisa! I just discovered your blog and enjoyed it very much.

Ruthie, I can't believe it took me 40 years to discover the magic of the woods during a sunrise. I am convinced if more people did it, than they wouldn't have to turn to all of the vices we people use to take away pain, stress, depression, etc. Talk about natures miricle!

Rich, it was a great morning indeed. I will be sure to do it more often. I can't even imagine a sunrise in Alaska, it must be incredible.

Kelly said... did have a productive morning!!! Beautiful sunrise...

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to get up early...Funny as I heard a chickadee 'fee-bee' which is a male territorial song. So..spring is on it's way.....!!!!!!!!!!

Rich said...


Alaskan sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular. In the village, they were great 3 or 4 days a week. The village at midnight in May was undescribable. I traveled on the road system for a week in June and saw some amazing stuff. I drove until it got dark - 2 AM or so and the sun came up at 4:30. It was beautiful. Juneau has beautiful sunrises and sunsets when we don't have clouds. We have clouds a lot though. Just a glimpse of the sun is a treat in Juneau.

Jayne said...

It truly is a spiritual exercise in many ways, isn't it? :c) Glad it was such a great day. Beautiful sunrise there Kallen.

troutbirder said...

What a great outing! And all the woodsy creatures put on a show for you. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Tnese are nice photographs. I was a little surprised that a lady was in the cemetery before daylight but you story showed me why and it appears that you got to see what you went there to see.

Nick S said...

Amazing sunset. I often see you commenting on many blogs I read, so thought I'd say hello :-)

Leedra said...

I also love to see the Turkey Vultures soar. Still trying to capture one in flight.

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