Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Canada Geese in the Snow

Took these pictures on my way home from work at a local cemetary. There were no other birds to be found except for this flock here who were trying to make the best of things.
I believe they are eating the sand here for digestion?

Surveying the scene

Here comes the rest of the crew to join in on the snow party. The last one to the right hurt its foot and it was limping along. It could fly all right though.

One interesting observation. I have been seeing a large number of hawks lately. While I was driving to work this morning one soared directly above me and it took my breath away. It looked much larger than a Coopers and if I wasn't driving I would have gotten a picture. Are hawks starting to migrate back to their nesting sites or are hawks getting more desperate as the winter continues and food supplies are limited?

Thanks all


Steve B said...

I often wonder about Canada Geese. I have a theory, (no scientific data to back it up, so don't repeat it). I think that the geese that summer here fly south and the geese that summer up in the Arctic winter here, thinking it is the tropics. Why else would they be crazy enough to hang around here?

Deborah Godin said...

Love that you have the geese with snow in the photo - really pretty!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Kallen, Steve B might be correct!! BUT--why don't they just go farther south where it's not so horribly cold? Poor geese---I feel so sorry for them. They are so beautiful.

I don't know about hawks... Someone may know when they migrate..

Interesting post.

Shellmo said...

It seems like if Geese can find a tiny bit of open water - they hang around! I loved your photos - and glad the one w/ the hurt foot can still fly!

Kelly said...

...love the second to last photo with the tombstones...it's interesting. Our Canada geese hang around all year, but with all this snow and ice I bet they wish they didn't. Today I saw 300 fly over my yard, making a lot of noise. It was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good info here about hawk migration..

Hawk Migration Org

Mary said...

Nice geese photos, Kallen.

I've been noticing during the coldest weather that when I get home from work, the feeders are still half-full. That means the hawks have been hanging around more often. And, I saw the remains of a Dove explosion just yesterday...


Kelly said...

Hi Kallen, drop by my site for details on an award I am passing on to you, the Dardos Award.

John Theberge said...

The cemetary is an interesting place for the geese to hang out. I think they may be eating the grass and by the looks of your photos, there are exposed areas for them to get to.

Ruth said...

In the winter it always seems there are more hawks about because the trees are bare and they are easier to see. Many of our summer hawks migrate, but others from further north spend their winters here. Migration is always going on.

Mary said...

I love those photos of the geese in the cemetery! What an intersting combination.

Kathiesbirds said...

Love the photos. I would have titled this "Geese in the Graveyard!" I like Steve's theory. I think he is right on.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with reconnecting with nature. It looks like you are on the right path. I hope it bring serenity to your soul as it does to mine. It has a healing power. It makes me feel alive and makes me realize that no matter what awful things are happening in the world, that life does go on and I do have something to smile about!

BirdingMaine said...

I saw over 200 Canada Geese sleeping in a cove on Sunday. One was awake and acting as the sentry.

The Geese were probably eating sand as a digestion aid. The sand (grit) is used by the gizzard to help grind food.


Kallen305 said...

Steve, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you were right. Heck if I were a goose and could fly like they do, I would most certainly get as far away from the North East as I could. ;o)

Deborah, I too loved the photo. The cemetery was so quiet except for the geese and the scene was just begging for a picture.

Betsy, I have no idea why they decide to stick around here. Maybe so they can get first dibs on nests in the spring?

Shelley, I watched the goose until I could see that it could fly. I did feel bad for him though.

Kelly, that is so cool. I love the sound that Canada Geese make when in flight.

Rambling, thanks! I will have to check it out. There are now two hawks hanging around downtown Worcetser and I think they are looking to play house somewhere.

Mary, my feeders have been like that too lately. I also saw some feathers in my yard a few days ago so I am assuming the hawk is in my yard a lot more than I originally thought.

Kelly, thanks for the award!! That is so thoughtful of you! Much appreciated.

John, that is what was so interesting is that they were all fighting for that area of bare grass. The poor little things. If I had bread in my car they would have gotten some.

Ruth, I was thinking the same thing that maybe I am noticing them more now that the trees are bare.

Mary, I loved the combination because it was so out of the ordinary. It was very peaceful to watch them too.

Katiesbirds, what a great title for a post!!! I would have never have thought of it on my own but it makes complete sense now. HA! I am starting to realize that despite all of the ugliness and stress that we face in the world, that there is indeed beauty around you and you just have to find it. Slowly but surely I am becomming less Type A and I credit nature for that.

BirdingMaine. That must have been some sight! I am new to birding and have only seen crows act as sentry's. I am going to have to keep my eyes on the geese next to see if I can catch it.

dAwN said...

Howdee Kallen,
I am just loving all the photos you are taking with your new camera...and I want it...tee hee...

nina said...

I can sense a family, walking slowly through the cemetery, rather like people, their group.
Slow and together.

matthew houskeeper said...

From what I have read, there are two types of Canadian Geese; migratory and non-migratory.
The non-migratory were introduced to the Northeast about a hundred years ago. Estates stocked them in order to provide a bird that would not leave in winter.
A hundred years later, without many natural predators in the area, they have taken over.

Raymonty said...

Why do we love birds?

Leedra said...

Great Canadian Geese posting. Especially like the first and last.

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