Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad Case of Analysis Paralysis with my Camera

You know life was a little easier with my Kodak Easy Share. You see, it was tiny, durable and fairly inexpensive so I didn't baby it the way I am my FujiFilm FinePix S2000HD .
With my old camera, I didn’t give much thought to my lens because the Kodak EasyShare had an automatic flap that would close and protect the lens whenever it wasn’t in use. My new one has a cover which I am faithful in closing but am still running into problems with dust and dirt getting onto it. I bought some lens cleaner and have been using that, but have also been reading up on other ways to protect your precious lens.

One tip I read was to buy a UV lens for your camera which will not only lesson the harsh effect of the sun in your pictures, but also protect the lens itself as all dust, dirt, grime, etc will land on there vs. your lens.

Armed with my new information I decided to do a google search for UV lens for Fuji FinePix s2000. This doesn’t seem to work at all because all that gets returned back to me is information on the camera itself and nothing on what kind of UV lens I need for this particular camera.

Am I doing something wrong? Are there generic UV lenses I should be looking at or do I need to find the lens for my camera? To make matters even worse, I am also shopping for memory cards and can’t figure that out either. I went to the Fujifilm web site and printed out this fancy grid that will tell me what memory cards are compatible with my camera but it reads like Turkish to me and seems to confuse me even more.

While I am on the subject of camera equipment and accessories, what are some of your favorite online stores to go to when purchasing new things for your camera? And since I am asking all of these questions I will ask one more ;o). Are there any other things I should think of buying once I figure all of this out? I see all kinds of fancy stuff that makes my heart pitter patter like magnifying lenses, wide angle lenses, etc. Are these all useful things to have, or am I wasting my money?

Any comments, helps, tips, etc would be most appreciated as I am a babe in the woods here when it comes to cameras.


Shellmo said...

Kallen - personally - I think nothing beats going to a camera store with trained, professional and knowledgable staff. I don't know if you have an Adray's camera by you - but mine sponsors workshops. They also let me try out their cameras and all the different lenses (even letting me take their $3000 lens outside to shoot some photos!!) so I could see for myself. Plus they clean my camera, give me tips, etc. Just a thought so you can test drive. I currently have a big lens on layaway.....I can't wait for the day its mine!

The Early Birder said...

Kallen, what you are actually looking for is a UV Filter that screws onto the existing lens. I totally agree with Shelly - Go to a camera store where you can talk face to face & get professional help. Good luck. FAB

Kallen305 said...

Thanks to both of you. The only camera store I see in my area is Ritz Camera. Does anyone know if they are any good?

Andy said...

Your camera takes a
SD memory card (2gb limit) or a
SDHC memory card (16gb limit)

Just go to Walmart or the like that. Look on the package that states SD or SDHC.

As for the UV filter, it appears this model does not have a threaded rim for a UV filter. Even Fuji accessories does not list one.

Ritz is fine for general info. Like most stores, it depends on who is behind the counter.

Kallen305 said...

Thanks Andy!! You have no idea how much you just simplified things for me by putting in into words I can understand!! LOL!! ;o). I will go to Walmart and get a memory card now. I am telling you life has been tough only being allowed to take 25 photos at a time.

Okay so the Fuji doesn't have a threaded lens so I need one that clips on somehow. I will take my chances at Ritz this week and see if they can find me something.

Thanks again all.

Anonymous said...

I have a really great camera store and all the bloggers are right. It is confusing though...

Mary said...

I agree with the rest of them. A good camera store should have help for you.


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