Sunday, October 10, 2010

York Maine, October

I decided to head to York, Maine this weekend to visit with my mom as this would be the 1st time I would head to York this late in the year and was curious on what would be there. The gulls would be at their usual spots and as tame as ever so I took some pictures of them during my run on Friday. This Ring-billed Gull was in the midst of preening itself as the strong wind blew its feathers back. There were actually a couple of gulls that looked as if they went through a clothes dryer as their feathers were all over the place from the strong winds and they were funny to look at.
There would also be quite a few Herring Gulls as always and a couple of Great Black-backed Gulls too. Should note that on Saturday, I saw a gull when I was on the deck to the house that looked like a Lesser Black-backed Gull. I would put my bins on it and it had the dark gray back it is known for (to me it's back colors are in between a Herring and a Great Black-backed) which always makes me do a double take as its very noticeable. It would be deep in the water and all by itself so I never was able to see it's legs so not sure but the bird stood out to me none the less.
Also saw the guy in the picture above surfing with his kite. He would use the kite to carry him around the waters and he would go really fast at times as if was very windy. I had never seen that before and thought it was really cool!
The beach roses seem to be dying off everyday, but still pretty none the less.
Other signs of fall.
Some of the beach roses still remain though as you can see.
I think this is hands down my favorite bee picture I have ever taken. Check out the honey bee giving me the "hairy eyeball" as I take its picture. So cute!! Seriously, I have never thought of a bee as cute until I saw this. HA!
The cormorants would be migrating the entire time I as there in flocks as small as a dozen and as large as a flock of 40 or so.
My mother and I spent a lot of time walking and I decided to finally go into the quaint little church they have for some pictures of the stained glass windows which are so pretty when the sun hits them just right.
Folks who live there year round and already in Halloween mode with decorations, so had to get a picture of the vulture above. What do you think TV?? ;-)
Cloe is still around as you can see as she is a year round dog.
The owners store will close soon so we decided to go in one last time for the season to see what he had. Loved the Wood Duck above.
As well as the cute little owls of course!
This morning would be my last day in York so I went for a nice bike ride along the nubble and the beach. Common Eiders could be seen as well as all of the gulls and the flocks of cormorants all headed south. I stopped to get the picture above just a little after sunrise.
Another area I stopped at because it was so pretty.
The Yellow-rumped Warblers were everywhere and I had forgotten how easy they are to pish until I called one in after only 3 seconds of half assed pishing because I was on a busy street with people walking past so didn't want to do a loud pish as they would have all thought I was a freak or something. ;-)
All in all a great way to spend Columbus Day weekend and can't wait to get back up there again next April.

Take care all.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Birds and Other Nature Finds

I did some trail running this weekend and finally figured out a way to carry my camera as well as only a few other essential items in my pack which will still allow me to run fast, but have instant access to my necessities and I realize that my camera is in fact a necessity so sacrifice a water for the camera instead and so far so good.
Anyhow, yesterday was just gorgeous weather wise and I would do almost 12 miles of running in total which allowed for plenty of areas to explore and some of them new to me which is always nice when you have your camera near by.
Leaves are now all over the trail and I stopped for some water and decided to get a macro photo of some of the leaves.
I would stop at an area as I had a gut feeling birds would like the spot due to the sunshine and sure enough there would be about 12 American Robins mixed in with a couple of Dark-eyed Junco and this lone Palm Warbler. I tried pishing it more so it would stick around for a better photo but it wanted to part of that.
Cool fungi shot taken from a log that was in the middle of the path that I almost tripped over.
Another cool shroom picture.
I would finally come to an open field hoping the Common Ravens I kept hearing while running in the woods would be around but I wouldn't see them. I did see the last of the clover still attempting to hang one for one last day or two.
There would be Eastern Phoebes everywhere on Saturday. I stopped for each and everyone of them because soon enough, I will miss them terribly.
I finally made my way to another part of the trail that I had never been to before and it would connect to a nearby powerline and it would be here that I could hear those Common Ravens again. I looked up to the sky and there would be four of them. Hoping they are the young from the nest of the other nearby powerlines because if they are then they all survived.
Another shroom picture as I just can't help myself.
Sunday would be another powerline trail run and this time only 3 miles as I was feeling it from yesterdays longer run. The weather would be a depressing 45 degrees and it would be pretty quiet.
The fall colors here though were gorgeous.

There would be pockets of birds here and there and it was nice to see this White-throated Sparrow. Also note worthy is that the first year Song Sparrows were out in this area all trying to sing their song and messing it up mid verse which always makes me laugh. Such funny little birds!
Bumble bee shot.
This bee would be part of a group of about 6 or so who were all clustered amongst the Goldenrod. Not sure what they were doing but they almost seemed to be still in an effort to conserve body heat with the temps as low as they were. I felt bad for them as I know its only going to get worse, but it did make for some nice photos though.
While I wouldn't feel overly motivated to run, this Cooper's Hawk helped to put a little spring in my step for a while. Almost looks as if it has a full crop here but not sure.
A couple of Blue Jays were giving chase to the Coops as I gave chase to them both which is always fun to do.
Flowers going to seed after a nice, long summer.
Take care all.


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