Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peregrine Peek-a-Boo

My skywatch post is the post directly below this one. I had to post this today to show my co-workers tomorrow. ;o)
The maintenance man to our building called me this afternoon to tell me that one of the peregrines was on the ledge of our building and to get up there quickly for a photo opportunity. He was able to get some really good photos of one yesterday and told me they have been spending a lot of their time on the ledge over the past couple of days. I ran up there of course and there was one of the falcon's sitting on the lower ledge showing only its face.

I so wanted it to get up on the ledge where I could get a full body shot but it didn't want to cooperate. I will be going up there next week to see if I can get both of them in a close up! The falcons won't nest here because there is no shelter. They will come up here to catch the rays and look for pigeons though! Tim (the maintenance man told me he has even found pigeon carcases on this ledge so I am guessing they dine here as well.

On a sad note, my neighbor had a fire this afternoon while I was at work (not the neighbor I bird with). I got home this evening and sadly this is all that is left of their beautiful home. I sat there and looked at the house with tears rolling down my eyes. I can't even imagine your home burning to the ground. All of your memories, personal belongings, etc. gone in a day. Very sad indeed.


Anonymous said...

Such sad news about your neighbors.

I love your newest falcon sightings. You have a regular "crew" keeping tabs on them, huh?!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about your neighbor's fire, Kallen. That is so sad--and something I've always worried about. Losing all of your personal stuff has got to be horrible.

Glad you have help finding your Peregrines.. Such good pictures of their faces.. Beautiful birds!!!! That is so neat of your maintenance man to help you get great pictures.

Have a great evening.

Kallen305 said...

Betsy, I should note that it was a small business and the people didn't live there. They did have a tenant who did though who lost all of their belongings. It just shook me up some. The fire dept is still there putting out the small fires that are still burning. Very sad.

Lynne said...

I'm so sad for your neighbor. It must be just terrible feeling.

Love the Peregrine update though.

Look left-
Look right-
Look right at ya!

Shellmo said...

Your poor neighbors!! My heart goes out to them! I hope they have a safe place to stay.

I do love your peregrine updates!

Elaine Dale said...

Sad for your neighbours and very, very happy for you - the peregrine photos are great!

Tink *~*~* said...

How extraordinary! I didn't know they had such colorful beaks. You're lucky to have access like that!

Tink *~*~*
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dAwN said...

So sorry about your neighbors did the fire start?

I am thinking some video of falcons would be fun!

Kelly said... sad...your poor neighbors...

It's so cool to see the Peregrines so close. Love that first shot.

blossom said...

Sad indeed for the neighbor. But the falcon, you got it all, ... look left, look right, look straight ahead. Love them.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your neighbor's. I am thinking of putting some of our more important stuff somewhere that a fire couldn't get it...Love the falcon photos Kallen...

Jayne said...

Oh Kallen, I am so very sorry for your friends. I can't even imagine what that would feel like.

How cool that the falcon is also visiting your building and that your maintenance man knows you love them too and can give you a heads up!

Susie of Arabia said...

How tragic about your neighbor's home. I hope things will work out for them.
Love your close-ups of the pretty bird!

Denise said...

What a shocking sight to come home to. I am so sorry about your neighbor's home. Your falcon shots are uplifting though. I love the one where he is looking at you full on, the others are wonderful too.

Vickie said...

Very sad about your neighbor. Such an enormous adjustment and loss.

What a wonderful opportunity to observe and photograph a peregrin up close. Look forward to more about your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Terrific shots Kallen - and thumbs up maintenance guy!

Leedra said...

Sorry about your neighbor.

The Peregrines look cute playing peek-a-boo.

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Mary said...

Wonderful shots of the peregrine! How neat to see it that close! I'm so sad for your neighbors. I think that fire is one of the things that scares me most. How terrible to look at that sort of loss and much worse to experience it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots. It is amazing you were able to get so close. It must have been very exciting.


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