Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Martha's Vineyard Times: Birds

Check out the tidbit of news I got from the right side bar to my blog. Under the Yahoo Bird News Section.

Some of the news tidbits that are making me smile right about now.

"On the evening of February 15, American woodcocks were engaging on their unique flight displays just at dusk in several overgrown fields. "

"Also arriving is another hardy blackbird - the common grackle. These large, iridescent, long-tailed birds seem to be returning north earlier every year. Red-winged blackbirds used to show up a couple of weeks before grackles, but for the past five years the arrival dates back on the Vineyard for the two species have almost coincided. A small number of this species also spent the winter, but again several flocks have been seen and birds showing up at locations where they were not seen all winter indicate that these are migrants."

I am hoping that means I will see some red winged blackbirds this weekend.



Kelly said...

...the red-winged blackbirds have arrived at our house. I love their call (that's what I blogged on tonight). Also...I love what you've done to your sidebar. It's like a one-stop shopping bonanza for birders!!

Rich said...

Spring is coming! We have over 2 feet of snow but it is sunny and 36 degrees. People are wearing lighter jackets, more birds are showing up too. A gradual change is happening, even in Alaska.

Shellmo said...

I like the red winged blackbirds - they are an interesting bunch! I hope you get some! Though I have to admit - when they took over one of my birdboxes last summer - their babies make a sound that is slightly annoying! But they were still cute!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to see the red-winged blackbirds. Like Kelly, I love your sidebard.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope you get to see the Red-winged blackbird this weekend, Kim... I know that will be a THRILL...

Love your sidebar with all of the great info.


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