Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ABSCAM Movie Filming-Downtown Worcester, April 2013-Bradley Cooper

Yes I know this is not bird related but wanted to share with all you local folks as well as those at work and the best place for me to store my photos is my blog.  I would have posted these yesterday but with the horrible, senseless, tragedy yesterday at the Boston Marathon I just didn't have the heart.  My thoughts and prayers go to all those impacted and hope they find the b*stard(s).

So with that said, yesterday downtown Worcester was the craziest I've ever seen it in the 15 years I've worked there with the filming of the ABSCAM movie that is still un named but includes stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale and supposedly Robert DeNiro!  The picture above is a couple of the cabs used in the movie

Fare information on one of the cabs above.

Another cab and this one from the early 50's I believe

Front view of it

And fare info for the cab and as you can see inflation really hit in the 70s when it came to cab fare!

Cars lining up along Main Street waiting to shoot the scene

One of the extras and I'm convinced I saw this guy on Adam 12!

Channel 13 is now the Baronet and based on the movie sign I'm guessing the movie takes place in 1978 as that's when Blue Collar premiered.

More store fronts getting worked on

Another store front

A fake wall they put up

Some signage from the wall with 1977 as the date so there goes my 1978 theory!

The war on drugs 70's style!

This is Woosta Pizza but you wouldn't know it especially with the NY number.  According to the manager, Bradley Cooper used this as his dressing and make up room.  Speaking of Bradley Cooper I do have pictures of him of course!

Fight scene

Bringing down the bad guy!

Another scene

Some of the extras

More of the extras

One of the cars used in the movie

Bradley Cooper getting ready to shoot again but closer to us this time.  Photos came out awful as they didn't want people on the street so I got this from the office and the window and lighting was awful.

More extras with Bradley Cooper

Check out the Corvette and Cooper's winning smile!

Being animated.

Enjoying himself

Back view which really shows off the fro they have him in.  HA

Another actor getting his make up done which leads me to believe he has a speaking roll so keep your eyes out for him when the movie premieres.

The guy in the cowboy hat is an actor too and he also shot a scene near the Commerce Building so keep your eyes out for him as he probably has a significant, minor role.

Hailing a cab as part of the movie scene

Calling it a day.  Rumor has it Christian Bale was in our building today for filming as both the FBI headquarters and interrogation rooms are being shot in our building but security was super tight today so no chance in seeing him.

Anyway, just thought I'd share as there's not much else going on this week so far!

Take care all.

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Thanks for these fantastic pictures of the set!


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