Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Birds in my Yard

Not much today, all though I did take my sons girlfriend to St Philips so she can work on a Life Sciences paper. She officially graduated from college this June but had to finish this course to get her official certificate. She is doing it on habitats for birds so I decided to bring her there for observations. No pictures from me though as I am sick of taking photos of the same birds day after day after day! Sigh, I have a feeling July is going to make for a very long month.

The picture above is of a Mourning Dove. This is another bird that doesn't eat the fruit, but rather the seeds within the fruit. Another bird I discovered that does this besides the American Goldfinch is the House Finch.

The Northern Mockingbirds are in my yard constantly now eating the mulberries and yes one lone male has discovered his favorite spot for singing is right near my bedroom window. I am wondering it its the same one from last year!!!! Let's hope he decides to roost every night before 11PM!

A Northern Cardinal. I love it when the cardinals come to my tree because many times he brings his mate and juvies and will feed them.

A Juvie American Robin coming to sample mulberries for the first time.

Here is another juvie on top of he garage. The parent went over to it and fed it a mulberry. It was so sweet!!! Here she is flying off again to get another one for her young. So sweet!

And last a gull picture. You all didn't think I would stop posting those now did you!!! ;o). Seriously I miss these birds. They have gotten so scarce lately so was thrilled to see this one while in Boston Saturday night. I got it while driving back from Logan so it is lousy. I didn't get a good look at it but I am guessing second year Ring-billed Gull! HA. I will look forward to seeing the gulls come back. They are always entertaining and it's fun to try and guess what kind of gulls they are and what year they are in. I am lousy at it, but it's good practice

Take care all!


Tina said...

Well, for being tired of taking pictures of the same ole birds...you certainly got some great shots and made a very interesting post..
I so enjoy all the babies one sees this time of year..even those mocker babies..but that baby robin sure was a cutie!
Sometimes I feel bad for those poor moms feeding, feeding, feeding.. and having to listen to all that bird talk of feed me feed me!! I bet she is glad when they can feed themselves and she gets a break!!

Anonymous said...

Thats a smart mockingbird

Anonymous said...

Hi, What great photos tonight. We have a lot of Cardinals in our yard and it's fun to see them at various stages. Unlike you, I can't seem to get photos of any of them. You have really accomplished a lot birding over the last few months. Could you photography butterflies during the not summer months?

Kallen305 said...

Tina, I enjoy seeing all of the young too. They are so cute and it's fun to watch them with their faces full of wonder as they see the world for the first time. I feel so bad for the parents as you can tell they worry about them because they know first hand all of the perils that our out there for wild birds. So sweet to watch them caring for their young.

HA anon, I don't know how smart he is but he sure is funny. I am lucky though as he only seems to be doing it about 5 o'clock or so. He isn't there now

Mildred, I am going to start taking more photos of butterflies and other wild life. I will still take a ton of photos of birds as that's my favorite thing to do, but realize I have to start switching it up some. Butterflies just don't have the same personalities as birds do so they are not as fun to watch and photograph, but such is life I guess!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I still love all of my backyard birds, Kim, and never tire of taking pictures of them or watching them. I sat outside today for a long time watching the Thrashers feeding their babies in the Jasmine bush. They weren't too happy with my presence...


Deborah Godin said...

Those male cardinals just can't take a bad photo, can they - they look great in the snow, and gorgeous lighting up some greenery.

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to tell you how many mulberry trees the birds have planted here over the past 47 years and I kept pulling them up. I wish now I would have left one of them mature as it would have been a super-store for birds of all kinds.

Your photos prove that. And they are quite good photos too.

Rene said...

Robins are cute when they're feeding eachother, aren't they? They sort of shove the food down the other bird's throat though. Ow. I've got gulls coming out my ears since I live in California.


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