Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stalking the Stalker

I decided to thumb my nose at the rain today and go back to St Philips to watch the Green Heron as my goal was to finally be able to capture one of them eating.
I used the same approach as last night which was to be as still as possible so they wouldn't even notice my being there. As soon as I entered the wetlands I could see one of them perched on some vegetation so I quietly tiptoed down the embankment watching every step I made and making sure I was walking on bare land vs. trees, leaves, etc, which is difficult to do when you have to contend with trees too and you are doing the limbo while going down a hill on tiptoe!

Amazingly enough I was able to pull it off and the Green Heron didn't even flinch as I got down to an area where I could get a better view of it as well as some pictures.

The Green Heron finally decided it was lunch time and scanned the waters looking for its next meal.

It was as quiet as could be as it slowly made its way to it target and its lunch.

With breakneck speed and the skill of a surgeon he lunged toward its target and didn't miss.

Off it flew toward the back of the wetlands into thicker vegetation to eat its lunch in peace. Doh, just my luck I think as I frantically adjust my camera settings so I can capture the process before he eats it all. Fish in bill and ready for lunch.

Maneuvering it a bit so it goes down better.

And now for the grand finale!

Burp.......The funny thing was that once it was done with that little morsel it continued to do it again. Very interesting to watch and made this gloomy Sunday a little brighter. Take care all!


Steve B said...

Green Harons are my favorite. I'm glad to see several folks posting them.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a cute story, Kim... Glad the Green Heron put on a show for you... Love the BURP part... HA HA....

I think you had a fabulous weekend. Wow!!!!


Kelly said...

Yeah!!! You got your Green Heron....great series, especially catching the fish!! :-)

A New England Life said...

Gloomy sunday is right! I've only seen a Green Heron from a long distance. Shy little birds it seems. You got some nice shots Kim!

matthew houskeeper said...

very interesting looking bird.


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