Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peregrine Falcon Update: XRays this Afternoon

I promised an update today but don't have much right now. Emily let me know that the female Peregrine continues to rest comfortably and will be sedated for x-rays this afternoon which means she will most likely not be released until tomorrow at the earliest. I will get an update this evening and post it to this post.

AND, I saw one lone Chimney Swift fly into a chimney here in downtown Worcester. I watched for a couple of minutes and didn't see it (or any other swifts fly out) and no others flew in. Hmmmmmm.....Perhaps nesting or building a nest?? Will have to keep my eye on this.

Also, there are at least a half dozen Rock Pigeons nesting in our garage AND I saw an ambulance take a drunk man away from City Hall after he passed out on a bench. Just another ordinary lunch hour in downtown Worcester.

Will post tonight after work and light birding.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Kim----such an interesting life you have working downtown... Hope the little Peregrine will be okay... Keep us posted.

dAwN said...

LOL...what interesting downtown sightings!
I am sending well wishes to ms peregrine!

Ratty said...

I hope the falcon story ends happy. Downtown in a city can be fun at times. Sometimes some very strange things can happen.


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