Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Evening Birding and Other Weekend Nature Finds

Want to upload all of this now because it's time for me to clean out my photos to make room for more!

I decided to go to the South Power Lines in Millbury this evening because sometimes evening birding can be just as eventful as morning birding, but you have to rely more on your eyes than your ears. Prairie Warbler perched quietly in some brambles.

An American Robin sitting on her nest.

A Northern Flicker enjoying the first sun of the day.

Two of many (I get up to 20 at once!) of Cedar Waxwings coming to get the first ripened Mull berries from the tree in my yard. I get many species of birds eating the berries from this tree every summer, but the Cedar Waxwings seem to like them the most and will spend hours in my yard gobbling them up.

Posing for the camera.

A Red Eft (terrestrial form of the Spotted Newt) found along the path of one of the atlas blocks we went to yesterday. There were quite a few of these on the path which caused me to look before I stepped which is difficult to do while birding!

An unidentified birds nest found at the other atlas block.
A Hobomock Skipper

A lousy shot of a Ebony Jewelwing. Such gorgeous colors it has that I couldn't capture because all of them came out blurry and then the darn insect took off!

Unknown species to me but thought it was a cool picture.

Sun Dew taken at one of the atlas blocks.

Have a great week everyone!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

More great pictures today!!!! Wooo--you had a wonderful weekend, didn't you?

I love the expression on that waxwing's face... He's giving you the 'look'!!!! ha


Marvin said...

It looks as if you had a great weekend enjoying and photographing nature. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Really nice photos. I like them all.

Mary said...

Wow...a lot of great stuff! I do love waxwings and will have to look for them when our mulberries ripen.

Deborah Godin said...

Great bunch of critters you hang around with. I love amphibians, had forgotten about the Efts 'til I saw your photo!

Rich said...

Great shots! Looks like you are getting better close ups all the time.

Chris Petrak said...

Birds nest looks a lot like the Blue-headed Nest I found - so a good bet would be one of the vireos.

dAwN said...

Bea u ti ful photos KIM..
The sundew and the I am impressed that you know the names of the bugs too.
The Cedar waxwing looks rather cool with his sunglasses on..
take care..


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