Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Rainy Day in Boston

It was a rainy day in Boston for me due to work meetings. I got up at 4am and could hear the rain pounding the windows and wanted to go right back to sleep. It's funny, I have no problems getting up at 3 or 4 am to bird, but make up every excuse imaginable to avoid getting up to work, especially if its in Boston as I hate taking the train but it's much easier than driving.
Anyhow, I was supposed to go out to lunch with my boss at noon and due to conflicts he had to cancel. What this meant was my first free hour in Boston since I started working their a couple of times a month! We are right near the New England Aquarium so I decided to go there in search of gulls. I figured I would get the regular Herrings and perhaps Ring-billed and that was okay with me because I don't see them as much as I used to around here.
I believe the gull above me giving me the "eye" is an adult Herring Gull. Notice the sharp face, the red on it's bill and pale legs. It looks a lot different than the Ring-billed's we get around here, but the two still confuse me.

He was perched the entire time I was there and looked to be as sick of the rain as I was.

Trying to dry off some I'm sure.

Last one I promise, you know how I am with gull pictures though. ;o)

I also saw my nemesis bird of the summer which is a Double-crested Cormorant. This is the bird that I tried to two weeks straight to get a decent photo of on the Blackstone River, but every time it heard me it flew off before I could even adjust my camera settings.

This one didn't seem bothered by people but he was pretty far away for a decent picture and the rain didn't help much either.

When I got there it was only drizzling which allowed me to put down my umbrella so I could angle my camera better, by the time I saw the DC though it was raining pretty hard but didn't want to grab my umbrella from the park bench so just hoped he would stick around long enough so I could manage a few shots before I became completely soaked and had to go back to work like that.

Of course this little bugger had other things in mind, like fly off even further and hunt for lunch. It was pouring buckets at this time, so I ran to get my umbrella and waited for him to finally peek his head above the water so I could get my long awaited shot. I waited, and waited, and waited and waited and wondered how long this bird could keep its head below water without coming up for air.

A bunch of tourists with cameras in tow came over to me all excited wondering what it was I was taking a picture of because obviously it had to be something good if I was willing to stand out in the pouring rain with camera in tow. I sheepishly told them it was a bird and they looked at me all confused because they couldn't see it. I pointed to the little blob in the water to show them where it was as my cheeks turned red because I knew they thought I was a freak. They backed off slowly with that look people give you when they think you have lost your mind. HA! I am getting used to this though as I get the same look when I take pictures of the gulls in the Target parking lot. ;o)

Of course, I had to go back to work looking like a drowned rat and had a meeting to go to no less. I walk in there with my shoes squeaking and my hair drenched and they all look at me mortified as they are sitting there in their polished suits and neatly combed hair! HA, it was worth it though just to see the DC! Common bird, yes but not for me.

Lastly a picture of South Station where I go to get the train and of course a couple more gulls.

Take care all and stay dry!


Kelly said...'re such a dedicated birder and photographer! Sacrificing dry work clothes for the perfect shot. I love it! (I think those are pretty nice shots. I've never been able to get a decent shot of one.) Glad you were able to get out at lunch and feel the rain on your face!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well--despite the rain, I'm glad you got to get out for a little while while in Boston.

I understand about wanting to turn back over and go to sleep when it's pouring rain early in the mornings. OH--how hard it is to get up that early!!!!

Beautiful collection of the birds today. That little Cormorant was playing games with you, wasn't he????

Chris said...

Hi Kim,
So now you are even getting out when it is running. You are turning to be a real bird watcher now!! Gorgeous. Well done on the double-crested cormorant...

Jayne said...

LOL Kim! You are such a dedicated soul!

Ratty said...

I love the cormorants. Mine are a little more friendly. You should have told those people that you saw a lake monster. I think cormorants look like dinosaurs when they're swimming anyway. They can stay under the water for over a minute, and I've seen them go under and disappear without coming back up anywhere within view.

Kim said...

I don't know about dedicated as much as desperation to get outside where I like to be as much as possible. With the weather we are having you just have to learn to accept the rain or you would be stuck in a room all day! ;o)

LOL Ratty, I never thought of that. I could have told them it was a little Locke Ness monster or something like that. They probably would have believed me. Too funny seeing all of the tourists w/ their cameras and those plastic bag rain coats they all buy for $5 a pop!


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