Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Morning Birding

FYI: Some of my photos may look funny for the next few days until I get a new monitor. You see my flat screen broke down and I had to haul out the old honkin monitor from the garage that is all messed up and doesn't show red but shows too much green and all of this other weird stuff so I have no idea what my photos look like until I load them onto blogger and go look at them on my laptop (which doesn't have the photo editing software), by the time I do all of that I am too tired to go back and fix over exposure, not enough exposure, etc!

It was a light day of birding for me (from 6am to noon) because I had to come home and clean the house because I am going out to dinner with my mother and sister tonight so there is always a chance she may need to come in for some reason. She is a clean freak and I am not but turn into one whenever there is potential for her to enter my dwelling because I don't want to get the eye. ;o). Four hours later it's as clean as it's gonna get.

Anyhow, I went to a few places including the Cross Street area of Millbury to check on the Red-tailed Hawk juvies who have fledged since the last time I blogged about them.

They are now flying, calling and hanging out with their parents and it was so cool to see. I was out there with my camera and a few people actually pulled over to see too. There is something about birds of prey that will even draw non-birders over to them.

They still stick around the area where the nest is and continue to keep an eye on me whenever I venture over to see them.

I always keep a respectable distance but I love it when we make eye contact. There is something about making eye contact with a wild bird that gives you such a rush.

One of them calling for their parents which they did the entire time I was there.

One of the parents was on one side of the power lines and the other was across the street getting dive bombed by a Red-winged Blackbird (another one to put on my birds who stalk hawks list). I am so bummed over how over exposed this pic came out because it looked good to me when I previewed it in my camera. Oh well, such is life.

The picture below is of one of the culprits, getting ready to turn around to start the dive bombing mission again.

The Northern Mockingbirds were out in full force again including the one below. Mockers are one of my favorite birds so its nice to see them back out again and acting like their usual selves. I am just hoping the one who spent countless nights in front of my bedroom window last summer decides to visit my neighbor this year!

Over contrasted flight shot!

A Juvie Mockingbird sampling some mulberries from my tree. They learn to like them young as you can see!

I was able to get really close to a Brown Thrasher today which was a treat because I think they are gorgeous birds. While the birds face is hidden below from the foliage, I loved the fact that I could get the eye. Such a handsome bird!

Another shot.

And last one I promise. ;o)

There must have been a Catbird explosion over the past few days at Fisherville in Grafton because they are EVERYWHERE! Seriously, it messes up my birding because they are so loud and the other birds have gotten quieter recently and do more calling than singing and I can't hear it. I counted at least 12 at Fisherville in the period of an hour!

Another bird that seems to have experienced a population explosion is the Veery. I counted at least four of them behind Brierly Pond and they were not their usual shy selves so I spent some time observing them. They would all call out to each other from various trees and then they would take of as a flock to their next destination. Very interesting to watch.

And lastly a picture of some milk weed that is just starting to bloom.

Off to get ready for dinner in Providence in the Italian section. After all of the birding I need pasta and wine. Not too much though as I will be getting up early to head to Western MA with Alan to try and get some shots of Barn Swallows. Take care all!


madcobug said...

I think your shots turned out very good. We have a couple of Brown Thrashers here in our yard along with a couple of Catbirds.

Vickie said...

Love your birding adventures. The juvenile hawk images are awesome. And love the close captures of the thrasher.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Kim.... So you have the 'fear-of-the-mom' trait, huh????? Mom's can be that way sometimes... My step-daughter keeps a really nasty house---and it's hard for me to go in it. BUT--the last time we visited, she had cleaned it up some. I'm not a neat-freak--but I still cannot stand utter dirt and stinky animals.

Even though you had a short birding day, you had a good one. I love seeing those juvie hawks. Too Cute!!!

Have a nice dinner tonight.

dAwN said...

Great shots..sorry about your computer..that sucks..
I am adoring that milkweed flower!
Hope you had a nice Italian dinner!

Carol said...

Thanks for posting..I like to see the youngsters. Especially when they look right at you.

Ginnymo said...

I think all your photos are great!! Those hawks are so beautiful But when they call to one another they sure are noisy. I had a few here a few years back. They were awesome! You always have such great shots of different birds. I am always listening for a Catbird since I saw that one. But I never hear it.

Kelly said...

...your photos look fab and the close-ups are really nice!!! Hope you get the monitor fixed problems are always a pain!

Jayne said...

My, how the hawks have grown! :c) So good to see them. Amazing how brave the blackbirds will get harassing the hawks. Love your mockers too Kim.

Steve said...

Fantastic Hawk pictures Kim, and you've got them in the street, wow. Not to bad at all considering your monitor being bust. Hope your mum appreciated the cleaning, they can be funny about that sort of thing!

Mary said... have such good stuff here. I love the hawks and the mockingbird shots.


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