Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peregrine Falcon Update-The One Who Got Away

Update on the Peregrine Falcon chick who supposedly fledged yesterday. It appears as if it is most likely a fall from the ledge and not fledged based upon conversations I have had with someone as well as observations throughout the day myself. I am happy to report that the Peregrine chick looks healthy and is at a safe location fairly close to the nest box. It is up high and has shelter and the parents are bringing it food.
I got into the office at 7am this morning to see if I could locate her but she didn't appear before me until noon or so today.

I was able get to a location where I could get some decent photos and still maintain a respectable distance due to how high up she is.

I know humans are not supposed to get attached to wild birds, especially the young as their mortallity rate is quite high, but you can't help to become somewhat attached to the bird as you see it staring towards it parents and probably wishing it could be up in that nest box to join them.

Mamma made sure her baby was well taken care of though and made frequent stops throughout the day for feedings.

Speaking of feedings, I was able to get some someowhat decent shots of a feeding. Pictures are not perfect as I was far away from the next box, but you get the idea!

The one behind the more aggessive one was fighting for a bite here and there and I am happy to report that it did get some but the predominate one seemed to get the best pieces if you will.

Down the hatch it goes!

While the other Peregrine Falcon stands guard.

Seeing these birds the past couple of days has given me a far greater appreciation of the daily struggle birds have to survive and thrive. The maternal and paternal love I have seen has made me respect the Peregrine Falcons even more than I have in the past which is saying a lot. The love of a parent knows no bounds

Take care everyone.


A Scattering said...

Did I hear a dinner bell?! Great stuff Kim.

Carol said...

I am enjoying the raising of the family/. I'm glad you are able to keep track of the one that is out of the nest.

dAwN said...

Great shots Kim...
I can understand how attached you are!
I feel attached to these critters..just by looking at their photos on your blog and reading about them!
I am sitting here on the edge of my seat for that little one by herself..
Ok i will stay tuned for more updates!

Ginnymo said...

So good to hear that the other one is doing okay. I bet it is lonely though, not being able to sleep with it's family at night. But soon it will fly and join them. What great photos!! I love seeing your little family and hope they all survive out there in the asphalt jungle.


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