Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Evening Birding

Not much for birding today, just an hour after work at St Philips. It has gotten very quiet there the past few days except for the Green and Great-blue Herons. I don't mind much as I love both of their calls.
There continue to be two Great-blue Herons there with no signs of nesting so I don't know what is up with them this year. I am not even sure if they are the same two last year who had the successful nest.

And check out this little otter (thanks for the ID Alan). He was swimming around and doing all kinds of cute little summer saults in the murky waters. At first I thought it was a beaver but was wondering how come it was so out in the open which I thought was odd for a beaver. He was also very playful and you could tell he was enjoying what he was doing.
Check out those teeth!!! This otter didn't even realize I was there taking it's picture. I find that if I sit on a stump and not move much that even the most secretive of creatures will come out for a photo.

On the drive home I saw one of the juvenile Red-tailed hawks perched on a telephone line and making it's call.

There is video of it below so you can hear just how loud it is. I do love listening to it though!

Note the video quality is rather poor due to the sun starting to set. I took this video mainly so you could hear its call.


Amy said...

Kim, I'm impressed & jealous that you get out so often to do some birding! It seems I get bogged down with work and just can't make the time to get out in the field. I really like the first photo here. You don't see a Great Blue Heron in such a flight pose too often.

Kallen305 said...

Amy, a hard day at work makes me want to get out and bird even more. Some times you just gotta get out there if even for 1/2 hour. I find that it makes me more productive at work because it helps to clear my head.

Just take little mini breaks that's all. I tend to take plenty of mini breaks everday if I can. If I don't bird for a couple of days straight I get in a funk. I think its being cooped up which is a feeling I hate. Just try it a couple of days each week and you will see so much and enjoy work more (if that's possible;o). Let me know how you do!

Kelly said... cool you were able to see an otter. He's very cute (with large teeth!).

Chris said...

Hi Kim,
Well you still managed to see quite few things in an hour walk. I'm impressed. I love the otter and I would like to see one, one day. Well done.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kim, Looks like the birding will start slowing down for awhile. But--if you look back to the past several months, you have done GREAT... How many total different birds have you seen now????

That little otter looked like he was having so much fun!!! Love his face!

Have a great day.

Deborah Godin said...

Love how you caught the heron mid-squawk (or grunt or whatever the right word is for that decidedly unmusical noise)!

Rene said...

Nice sightings for a slow day. I love birds of prey. I wish I could see more of them in my area. I'm sure I'm probably just not going to the right locations. I see a lot of Turkey Vultures, but that doesn't really count. :)


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