Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Birding & Peregrine Falcon Update!

Peregrine Falcon Update: The female Peregrine Falcon chick was released today back into downtown Worcester. I got a voice mail from Emily inviting me to the event as she was going to be the one to release her and invited me to go with her for pics, but I was out of the office today so unable to. Doh!! She will email me tonight to tell me how it went. Let's cross our fingers that every thing works out okay.

Speaking of finger crossing, I have my fingers crossed for the Common Loon above who is currently sitting on eggs at Wachusett Reservoir in Boylston. We have had so much rain the past two weeks that the water levels have gotten very high and there is a good chance nesting will fail due to flooding. Mass Wildlife got over there this week and took the eggs away to raise the sand and gravel level some to give these Loons a chance as Wachusett Reservoir is as south as they go for breeding so Mass Wildlife has a vested interest here for success. According to the Telegram & Gazette, the female Loon was frantic during this process but it looks as if she has calmed down some since.

Just to give you an idea on how dire the situation is. So heart breaking and the rain we are forcasted to get the remainder of the weekend makes it worse. Cross your fingers everyone that the water levels won't rise much more.
Lousy shot of the male Common Loon in the reservoir.

I spent the greater portion of my day atlasing with Alan. We were outside of the atlas block when we came across this Golden-crowned Kinglet!! Lousy shot, but wanted a record pic as this is my first sighting of this bird for the year.

Common Yellowthroats were everywhere. I saw a female carrying food in her bill so I am guessing they are feeding their young. Very interesting to watch.

Blurry and out of contrast shot (the story of my day) of a Hermit Thrush. LIFER!! I have not gotten a lifer in over a month now so this felt good. I have seen plenty of Wood Thrushes the past two months but have not been lucky enough to see this one so it was a real treat.

Chestnut-sided Warbler teed on on a branch and singing his heart out.

An ant hill that I found extremely interesting! The rain made it look like a sand castle.

Wood Frog hidden in some leaves.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Chris said...

Hi Kim,
I hope the female kestrel wiil do fine but she should now. I also hope that the flood will not happen and that the common loon will do ok with his nesting. So much worry for the wildlife!!! Let's cross the fingers.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Kim, Don't tell Shelley--or she'll drive all the way from Michigan to the Wachusett Reservoir and try to save the loons/babies/eggs, etc... She LOVES loons ---and this will break her heart.

Glad you saw a 'lifer' today.
Have a wonderful weekend. Glad the Falcon is okay (I hope)..

A New England Life said...

Awe, that poor little loon mommy. I sure hope she doesn't lose her eggs. All this rain is surely daunting on the birds.

dAwN said...

Hi kim..hope all the birds you are watching over do well!
I looked hard to find the frog..but finally did..
Happy birding
and congrats on your hermit thrush!

Ginnymo said...

What neat photos Kim! I feel sorry for the Loon. I sure hope her nest will be okay. She looks so lonely out there. The ant hill looks neat! And that frog is cute too.
I can't wait to hear about the Falcon. Sure hope it survives and doesn't have another accident.

Kelly said...

...I bet Shelley will be worried about the mama loon and her eggs! Nice photos. I hope she's able to hold the nest and the rains cooperate. Beautiful Common Yellowthroat photo too.

Ratty said...

I have my fingers crossed for both the falcon and the loon. I hope things work out for them both.

Anonymous said...

What a busy week you have had. Hope all goes well for the loon and the falcon. Will be interested to hear. Hope you have a great weekend.

troutbirder said...

Well done on the life and enjoyed your pictures as always.

Vickie said...

I hope the peregrin fledgling makes it okay. It is nerve wracking to have followed a family and see heart-rending events occur.

I sure hope the loon's nest makes it.

Jayne said...

Poor loon mama. :c( I do hope her nest survives. Glad to hear the peregrine was released. Yay!

Deborah Godin said...

I always enjoy hearing all the news from your "neck of the woods" and have fingers duly crossed for the loons! Great shot of the little wood frog (which I have renamed the raccoon frog...but it hasn't caught on yet, lol)

Steve said...

Great pictures of the Loon (Diver over here), it'll probably be ok. That Yellowthroat is amazing. Have a great weekend.

matthew houskeeper said...

Nice post!
Any update on the loon?
It's raining again right now as I type this.

Tom Pirro said...

Hi Kim,
I am off this week and took a quick spin around Wachusett Res. yesterday morning 6/22. If I had the location correct, South Bay off rte 140, it appeared the loon was not present, nor any eggs at the above location. It looked like it got flooded out. Rising water level, in June, are never good for loon success rate.

Kallen305 said...

What a bummer Tom. I was so hoping they could make it but had serious doubts with the rain. So sad after seeing her there Friday sitting there on her eggs. She was determined to protect them even with what little land was left. Thanks for the update.


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