Friday, June 5, 2009

Red-Tailed Hawk Nest Success

I did a little bit of local birding after work today. Not too intense as it was starting to drizzle but I had to get out after being cooped up at work all week. The first thing I decided to do was check out the Red-tailed Hawk that I had seen the previous week. When we went there last, there was no evidence of a nest success so I was thrilled today when to see two small heads peaking out at me.
I didn't get too close but it didn't seem to bother the female at all, but the nestlings were very curious about my intentions and their eyes would follow wherever I went.

I can't wait to check up on them next week to track their progress.

A very lousy shot of the Peregrine Falcon nest box in downtown Worcester. If you look to the front of the box you will see the young Peregrines are starting to get brave and are now venturing out the of nest box to look at the world.

My next destination was St. Phillips in Grafton to check on a few birds including the Green Herons I had seen there a month or so ago. Beth had told me she hadn't seen them recently so I figured I would camp out there for a while to see if I had any luck and I did. This is one of them at the back end of the wetlands.

And this is the other who was a little braver and didn't seem threatened by my presence.
Hopefully this means they will be nesting nearby and I will be able to manage some shots if I am lucky.
Last one. A very bizarre photo of a Wood Duck. Beth emailed me last night to let me know there were quite a few Wood Ducks at the cemetery and one in particular looked a little odd so I decided to go check it out myself. She is thinking it may be going into eclipse plumage which would make sense. It will be very interesting to watch the progression of these ducks as I have never seen an eclipse plumage yet.

And last but certainly not least is a picture of what I believe to be a Great-crested Flycatcher. This is a new bird for me and as you all know I am still struggling with flycatchers and this one wanted to make it even more challenging for me so it decided not to sing or call to give me a better hint. Please correct me if I am wrong but Great-crested is my final answer!!

Will be doing more intense birding tomorrow and have decided to shake it up some by doing more observing rather than chasing. Have a great weekend everyone!


A Scattering said...

Can you be a vicarious birder? I think that's what I am when I look at birds on your blog that I've never seen before. Have a great weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Kim, That flycatcher is just darlin'.... He has the cutest face.

I also loved seeing the baby hawks and the falcons. I smile when I see any of the baby birds. So Precious...

Have a great weekend. Are you birding all weekend????

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I think you're right on the flycatcher. What a nice variety of pictures!

Ginnymo said...

Oh! I love those baby hawks!!! They are so cute!!! Can't wait to see more of them. And the Falcons are out! I feel nervous for them..LOL I think they might fall. I feel that way about all the baby birds. It's funny how they don't come out till they are ready though. The moms sure watch them close. All your photos are great!!

Ruth said...

I have found one occupied Red-tailed Hawk nest this spring but it is a little far from the road to see if there are young in it. Very cute baby hawks indeed!

Tina said...

Love those baby nice you were able to catch those two little faces and to be close enough to see that they were following you with their eyes..can't get any better than that!!
Great post!

Ratty said...

The pictures of the baby hawks are great. I love the way they are looking right at the camera. That must have been fun. I feel a little afraid for the little falcons too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, final answer? You are
correct! And she didn't even
use a lifeline. Way to go!

Hap in New Hope (MN)

Kallen305 said...

Scattering, yes I do tend to go a little overboard with my birding. HA! It gets me outside which is my favorite place in the world and I love birds so I take it to the extreme I guess. HA

Betsy, don't you just love the flycatcher!!! So adorable even though it was far away. It was perched on a little branch just looking around. Very cute

Lynne, don't you just love the variety of birds this time of the year. A far cry from the birds this winter.

Ginny, you don't even know how nervous I am for the young falcons. They lost ALL THREE of their babies two years ago and we are so hoping these ones make it.

Ruth, this is the RT Hawks nest that is right off of a main road. I thought they would have abandoned the nest because it was at such a busy location but obviously they didn't. I about died when I saw those two heads yesterday.

Tina, the young hawks were very curious looking at me. They were probably wondering what the weird form was perched high up on a rock with a funny thing in front of its eye. ;o)

Ratty, I couldn't have asked for a better photo. I just wish mamma would have complied and stared at the camera once too!

Thanks Hap!!!! Let me tell you I still get so nervous when I confirm birds. I usually do it and then email a fellow birder for him to confirm too, but he is on vacation this weekend so it was up to me. Glad to see I passed considering my lifeline is not around this weekend. HA

Alan said...

Great captures Kim! The baby red-tails are very cute!! Good luck with your weekend birding!

dAwN said...

Great bird sightings! My fav is the green heron..I love that bird.
looks like you are right on the flycatcher...but they still stump me..
Hope to see you June 13th

NCmountainwoman said...

How great to see the little hawks. They are indeed adorable.

Heather said...

Those little fuzz-ball babies are adorable! And I give you a thumb's up on the Flycatcher ID! Happy birding!


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