Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me and my Sis

No bird blog entries for me today, so I thought I would share some pictures of my sisters wedding this past September in York, Maine. My sister and her husband are coming home tomorrow for the week and I can't wait as I have not seen them since last December.

They live in Washington DC which means I only see them about twice a year. They will be headed to Maine next week and sadly I can't join them as I am always up to my ears in deadlines at work the first week of every month.

A picture of my sister and my mom.

And my favorite picture of the two of them together taken immediately after the ceremony.

Take care all and for those of you in New England, enjoy the sun. Just make sure it doesn't blind you!! ;o)


Anonymous said...

I love to see wedding photos and these are beautiful. I see where you and your sister look veru much like your pretty Mother. Hope you have a great visit.

A New England Life said...

Sun? What sun?

Beautiful wedding photos! I hope you both enjoy the visit. Maybe at some point it will actually stop raining enough for them to have a nice vacation.

Nice job switching it up Kim!!


Vickie said...

Sweet photos of a happy celebration! And btw, you look lovely!

matthew houskeeper said...

Very nice photos Kallen. You have a good looking family.

FWIIW, it is raining again here this morning.
But the forecast for Saturday looks great.

Amy said...

Nice to see a personal post like this, Kim. I really like the last photo of the happy couple, too. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Wow. An impressive set of wedding photographs. You sisters could never deny the other. You look like twins, almost.

Rene said...

You, your sis and your mom do look so much alike. All the photos are nice, but you and your sister seem like you're so close in that first photo. It's sweet.

Deborah Godin said...

Lovely to see the wedding shots, too, and your newly expanded family! That last one is wonderful!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kim, You look fabulous!!!! Love the photo of you and your sister. Are those other sisters in the group picture--or friends?

I enjoy seeing wedding photos. Looks like your sister has a 'keeper' for her hubby. I know you miss her, and will be glad when they come for a visit this week.

Have a great week.

Shellmo said...

Both you and your sister are very pretty! Loved these photos!

dAwN said...

Omgoodness Kim
You look just like your mom! Lovely!

Kallen305 said...

Thanks all. All of these pictures shown here were taken by a professional photographer. It wasn't until after I got serious about photography in February that I was impressed over how well they came out. The clarity of the pictures, the correct lighting, etc.

Betsy, I only have one sister and she is three years younger than I am. The woman to the left of me Is Venus (Primus, my sisters husbands sister), the person to the right of me is my cousin Kelly and the person to the right of her is Alexis, my sisters best friend.

It was quite the wedding due to the fact that our family is lilly white and the husabands family is black obviously. It's amazing how many cultural differences there are between the two races even to this day. For instance, they had no problems getting up on the dance floor and dancing, while it took a lot of alcohol to get the white folk out there to join them. HA.

This was the first time I had met his family as they live all over the place. In fact, Primus's cousin is Ladanian Thomlinson from the Chargers who couldn't come because football season had just begun in earnest (how cool is that!). The whole family is awesome and am glad to have a new extended family.

Kallen305 said...

Oh, and thanks for the compliment that I look like my mom. I am the only one in my family that resembles my fathers side of the family (in fact, I am the spitting image of my deceased father) so it is interesting to hear people say they see a resemlence and yes I do think it's a compliment because I think my mother is beautiful both on the inside and outside!

Jayne said...

What wonderful memories and photos Kim. :c)

Tina said...

Beautiful photos and everyone looks like they had a wonderful day!
I hope you have a great visit with your sister and brother-in-law!
...a nice break from all that birding :)

dAwN said...

We are having another Birders who Blog,Tweet and Chirp outing July 11 starting in Milford, Ct.
Already have a nice list of Bird/nature bloggers coming. Let me know if you are interested by commenting on this blog post
or emailing..
thanks ..hope to see you there!

NCmountainwoman said...

Have a wonderful week with your sister and B-I-L.

Kelly said...

I loved those photos and the last photo is my favorite as well. You look beautiful in your dress...and your whole family looks so happy!!! There is definitely a lot of love in your faces.

RuthieJ said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Enjoy your Sister Time!


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