Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Day is Dull when you are a Birder!

These gull photos were taken at the Target parking lot this afternoon. I saw one of the banded gulls and decided to give them some bread for some close up pictures.
The water photos you see are actually puddle shots. The gulls spent a lot of time there bathing and drinking from the various puddles.

It was funny because I was out there in parking lot taking photos and next thing I know a man gets out of his car with a fancy camera and scope and joins me! He was clicking real fast which impressed me as I am terrible playing with my shutter speed. My photos always come out lousy when I use it so it intimidates me. I also saw a man today taking shots of a red tailed on Route 20 here in Worcester. I love seeing others taking pictures of wild life because it makes me feel good knowing others out there see the beauty in nature just as I do.

Here are the gulls eating the bread I put out. They can be vicious little birds!! Sheesh, I put out enough for all of them but they still bicker and fight!

A polite one waiting its turn. I actually gave this one a bigger piece because it was too afraid to get caught up with the masses.

Pigeons enjoyed the puddles as well. The one on the right is so funny looking!

Finally some lousy photos of a Red Tailed Hawk and Falcon I saw in Downtown Worcester today. I was up in the higher part of the parking garage looking for the falcons when suddenly I saw a Red Tailed soaring high up the in the sky going toward a church. Just as it was about to land on the steeple and just as I was going to attempt to get closer, guess who spotted it?

Whey the Peregrine of course! Off he flew giving his alarm call and boy was he quick!! I was running after him in the parking lot and I was hoping no people were having meetings in conference rooms because they would see me and think of me as even more odd than they already do.

The falcon didn't even have to get close to the hawk for it to decide to mosey on down to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. One look at Mr. Peregrine made him fly on by and onto a different location.

It just goes to prove that you can bird anywhere if you keep your eyes open. Who'd have thought I could see all of this during work breaks and errands!


Lynne said...

We don't have to go on organized field trips or out of state festivals to find birds to grab our attention and feed our passion.
They're out there for us!
What you do so very well is tell a great story of what some might consider ordinary encounter.

Cam said...

Re title - No it's not, even at Target :) I had 10 hawks flying over my yard at 6 pm today.

Shellmo said...

If I lived by you Kallen - I would love to head to the Target w/ you! I love how you make birding opportunities happen! Great idea on the bread and I loved seeing that gull take a drink of that puddle. And it was very sweet of you to reward that polite waiting gull w/ a bigger chunk of bread - I would've done the same thing.

Susan Gets Native said...

Amen to that! As a birder, you never know what is around the next corner!

I am UBER-jealous that you get to see PEFA every day. You stinker.

Leedra said...

The birds are all around us, we just have to take the time to look. Thanks for sharing these. Love the last one of the Ring billed gull.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Kim, No matter how fancy-dancy that man's camera was --and no matter how fast his camera clicked, his photos could never be any better than yours. You are a great photographer.

Great shots!!!!

Mildred said...

What great pictures tonight. Always fun to see what birds the day brings your way.

Kelly said...'re so lucky! Gulls at Target! (Isn't that where you saw that huge flock of Robins back in February?).

Chris said...

Hi Kallen,
Yes I think you have this feeling on how to realise a good bird watching day!! This was a very nice one... It is nice you were able to see banded gulls.
Can anyone answer this question? WE have the ring-billed gull over here time-to-time as a migrant. is that the same species, beacuse they really look alike...
Anyway you got a nice day kallen, and hope you will have a nice week end...

ShySongbird said...

Great photos, those gulls are an argumentative lot but the best boy in the class deserved his reward!

troutbirder said...

You are so right about never a dull day when birding. And so lucky to see a perigrine so often.

Jayne said...

It always sort of makes me scratch my head to see gulls in the Walmart parking lot. Great photos Kallen!

Love the Peregrine defending his territory!

MaineBirder said...

That's a very popular puddle. :) Excellent photos. I love the timid look of the one they didn't want to get caught up in the ruckus.

As far as the man with fancy camera and lens... don't let it intimidate you. Your photos are excellent and unique and tell the story with a personal touch. Can you imagine dragging that fancy rig around all day? It's not fun.

Elaine Dale said...

I believe the gulls and pigeons thought they were having a day at the beach!

NCmountainwoman said...

You are so right. The birds are there and we don't need fancy outings to find them. I loved the photographs.

Rich said...

Great reflection photos.

Larry said...

You caught some great gull poses.I realize now that no bird is a dull bird if you take time to watch them closely.

dAwN said...

I love all the gull photos..especially the one sipping the water.
And its very cool to see that red tail on the hawk..
nice day of birding...amazing what u can find around town if you just look..and realize there is beauty in what some might call Trash birds..

Heather said...

Love all the gull picks! Have a good weekend Kallen. Happy birding!

Mary said...

That second shot is great! So funny looking. I laughed that they are at Target, because several months ago we had a huge flock of them at Target here! Why do gulls like Target?? All the great bargains or the huge red bullseye?


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