Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What else in the hot weather but the More Peregrine Falcon photos!

What were you expecting today in temps as hot as these, Warblers? HA! I wish, but alas, I am back to work but manage to sneak in a bit of time everyday to take advantage of the Peregrine Falcons whose favorite spot this summer appears to be the top of our building. I figured I would share the photos with you as it appears to be feast or famine with these two as far as appearances so we might as well take advantage of the bounty while we can. Besides, I was going to save today as a book review on a book I just finished on crows and you all know my fondness for crows so fear not, that will be soon coming. ;-)

Anyhow, my son had an interview downtown today so he decided to stop by my office so I just had to show him the Peregrine Falcons up close and personal as he knows how much I love them. Tim would be kind enough to bring us up and we were thrilled to see the female in the same spot as yesterday which is nice and shady and probably very appreciated with the hot weather today.
She would have her bill open very frequently I am assuming to cool off so it was the first time I would ever get a look at her tongue which was rather nifty!
She would make eye contact with us and I was very happy to see my oldest take an immediate liking to her. Now I don't think my kids will ever be "birders" per say, but I would like to think my life style will at least rub off in them some way and they will at least have a general respect and fondness of birds and especially the falcons.
You will notice the blood that remains on her plumage near her bill. She has been busy feeding those hungry chicks and I am guessing she comes up to the ledge to get away from them and chill out under the shade as it must get awfully toasty in that metal nest box with three begging chicks no less. i would look at her knowing exactly how she felt! ;-)
And speaking of chicks there appears to be another brave one this year who seemed to be playing a game of chicken of sorts with the ledge as it would keep getting closer to it whenever I would take a look in the afternoon. It will only be a matter of time before they all venture off to the other part that has more of a shelf which will mean a lesser chance of them falling and it can't come soon enough for me.

And I just wanted to add, that I finally got the Worm-eating Warbler with Alan last night which means no more walks through those woods!

Take care all

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