Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Peregrine Falcon Update: Three Chicks Confirmed!

I was able to confirm THREE Peregrine Falcon chicks this morning as I would see them all being fed by the female at the nest box.
After feeding the female would take to the skies and do her usual territorial flyover. She would venture off near Pleasant Street where 2 Chimney Swifts were flying and suddenly that two would turn into 5 as they flew around her for a wile but never attempted to dive bomb
She would turn around and head my way and I was glad I was at the right place at the right time with the perfect lighting for a change!
Another shot as she makes her way up to the 446 Main Street Building.
And who would be up there waiting? Why her faithful mate that's who!
I would go up there with Tim and this time the sun would be more favorable for some half way decent pictures.
She would look around and continue to give us the same occasional stare as yesterday, but didn't seem too bothered by us, just cautious.
As you can see the male would not pay us much attention as he would doze off here and there. I am guessing the shade and the cool breeze from being so high was rather welcome given the hot weather today and he just couldn't help himself.
While the Mrs would look at him with blood near her bill after feeding the chicks again today. As you can see she is still doing most of the feeling this year and hence, most of the hard work while he is supposed to be guarding the domain but much prefers to sleep instead!
But finally she couldn't help herself either so she would shut here eyes and he would know it was his turn to keep watch.
Another picture of the male. I was told last year that he is missing a talon and I was able to get a shot showing that as you can see on his right foot.
And one last look at the two of them.

Take care all.


Susan W. said...

Thrilling pictures!

forestal said...

Exciting to watch i bet, great photos


Robin Robinson said...

These are the greatest Peregrine pics! I can't believe you get to see those chicks, too. Wow, am I envious! Hope spring is going well for you, RRR

Shelley said...

That's wonderful that there are 3 chicks! I love being able to see these beautiful birds up close. Nice shots!


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