Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Very little Birding this Week

I have done very little birding this week due to severe allergies that have kept me indoors and out of work but snuck in a bit here and there with Alan as I figured birding may just be what the Dr ordered as Bolton Flats always makes me feel better, especially when a new shorebird is reported being there like the Semipalmated Plover Bart reported seeing.
The plover as well as the other birds would be fairly close to the path because the mud is starting to dry up which made getting pictures easier but I really wish we had more rain yesterday because the waters are starting to dry up quickly which means bye bye to all of these wonderful shorebirds (really wanted a White-rumped before they all head north to breed)
There would also be the regulars like the Greater Yellowlegs above.
And quite a few Lesser Yellowlegs which is always nice to see. There is no more water fowl here, but scores of swallows which is turning into another fun hobby of mine to try and differentiate each species method of flying to look for differences which is hard to do in itself because they are very fast flyers.
We would also go to Sterling Peat to check on the Bank Swallows and there would be some there and working on a nest so it was nice to see they have decided to nest fairly close by. We would also get our FOY Willow Flycatcher here as well which was nice to see.
I did some birding on my own after work and was elated to see the Green Herons at St Philips being more visible as they have been in hiding lately. Last time I saw them I only saw one, so was happy to see two this time including the one above who was fairly close by, but alas the leaves were once again in the way so I attempted a photo in between branches and my camera finally decided to focus on the bird instead of the leaves.
I would see not that many warblers there (but wasn't doing any heavy birding as it was getting dark). The only warblers I would see would be the now familiar Yellow-rumped Warblers. Not the best photo per say, but liked this one as it shows off that horseshoe of theirs that they have on the chest which is a good field mark when looking at these warblers from afar.
I would also see the lone Savannah Sparrow I saw when I had the migrating Rusty Blackbirds so its nice to see it has decided to stick around.

Will be posting more this weekend as Mass Audubon is having their bird-a-thon and you know I will be doing that!

Take care all

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