Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Both the Male and Female Peregrine Falcons today-Closeups

Tim from my work building called me this afternoon to inform me that both Peregrine Falcons were on top of our building this afternoon, so of course I decided to stop up as I haven't seen the female for quite some time since she was busy nesting.
She was up on the higher portion of the building but made certain to let us know she was aware of our presence as she glanced at us on occasion. I am guessing she likes being up this high because it allows her to search the skies for avian threats that could potentially harm her chicks.
We would go up another floor to get a better view of her, but the windows are not the best but I did manage one halfway decent shot and again, she would follow us with her eyes.
There would be evidence of recent kills on top of the building as well.
And here is the male with more remains which were not here yesterday. If you look really closely you will see pigeon feet! Hmmm...... I guess they don't find that suitable eats for the youngins. ;-)

I would also take some video of the two because I like doing this every year when I am lucky enough to have them on top of the building.

And as you heard in the video I have the rest of the week off which means only one thing all, birding of course so I will have plenty to blog about I am hoping!

Take care all

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