Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally got my FOY Magnolia Warbler and another FOY Bird

I did some birding with Alan this morning and decided to do Old Coldbrook road which is an area full of birds, but one we never explored much so decided to do it today. We had a couple of birds on our list today with the 1st being the Magnolia Warbler. Fran had told us a place to go off of this road when we saw him on Friday evening and as always, Fran was right as we got the bird within 5 minutes of us arriving. We would hear its song and after swatting away mosquitoes and searching the tree tops, we would find one. The lousy picture above will give you an idea on how challenging looking for warblers can be (as if you don't already know!). Seriously, look at the size of the bird compared to the tree tips. It almost makes me look forward to fall warbler birding and that is saying a lot as they are so confusing then.
We would continue on this road and would stop frequently as there was so much to see including this very handsome Rose-breasted Grosbeak above who was engrossed in song.
We would make our way less than 1/10th of a mile before I did my usual STOP! as I had heard a bird doing a "choo choo choo" type ending and now that the Magnolia Warbler is checked off the list, the Wilson's Warbler has quickly taken its place as the must have bird for the week. We would look around and soon find out it was the Nashville Warbler above which is always nice to see even if it wasn't the Wilson's!
After that we would take off to Gate 43 at Quabbin after hearing about the Olive-sided Flycatcher that was there yesterday. We figured it wouldn't be there, but knew none the less there would be some interesting birds there so were on our way. There would be many of the usuals since the last time we were there two weeks ago on Tom's trip, but we would also get some new ones like the Eastern Wood-peewee and the Red-eyed Vireo above. Again, not the best picture in the world, but I have made a decision this year to focus more of my birding using my binoculars and not my camera so by the time I get the camera on the bird it is thinking of taking off so usually not that good of a picture.
We would never see the flycatcher, but it was a nice day for a hike and we got a really good look at a Scarlett Tanager which is always nice to see.
I would go home and grab a coffee at Starbucks and go to an area close to home to see what was there. The first bird song I would hear would be that of an Orchard Oriole so I looked around and was happy to see the 1st summer Orchard Oriole I had there a couple of weeks ago is still around. I was somewhat surprised as I had brought Alan there after I had seen it and it was a no show so figured it was just migrating through but that's obviously not the case. I was reading my Dunne's Field Guide Companion and that this was interesting "Insofar as 2nd-year males are most likely to push the limits of the bird's range and will be calling attention to itself by singing from the tops of trees or saplings." This is exactly what he was doing. Not sure what this means and whether or not it will stick around for any period of time, but its nice to have one nearby while it lasts. The bird was actually fairly tame and would fly past me without so much as a glance so I hope it stays for a while because I like to go here often and just watch the birds while having a coffee and this would be a nice one to study.

Take care all

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Kelly said...

I love Nashville Warblers...and Scarlet Tanagers. Sounded like great birding!


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