Friday, November 14, 2008

Where has all the Music Gone?

Each bird loves to hear himself sing.

There is nothing more pleasant on the ears than the song of birds. When the weather was warm this summer, I would sleep on the sun porch just so I could hear them sing their first morning song. The couch was small and uncomfortable, but that didn't matter because the song made up for the sore neck and cramped legs.

Now that it is colder, the birds have stopped singing. The carefree days of summer have long since past and the birds are too busy to sing. For how can one sing, when food becomes scarce and the trees bare. There will be time for singing later, survival is the priority today.

So take care my friends and be sure to visit. My feeders are full, my water thawed, I have plenty of weeds in my neglected back yard. It's the least I can do to help you out, just in case you had any doubt. Just be sure you greet me this spring with your song.

Until then, I will settle for You Tube


A New England Life said...

One of my favorite birds! For some reason we don't have Mockingbirds around our house in the Summer anymore. How I loved listening to them sing at 2:00 in the morning! We did have one in the tree outside the kitchen window yesterday so it was a nice surprise : )

Do you use a Birdbath heater in the winter?

Kallen305 said...

Hi Sharon,

I get them here in the summer and I am in Massachusetts. The mockingbird in my area started coming to my house when I had suet in my feeders this past summer. He LOVED it. He spent a night singing at my house, but then he spent the rest of the summer singing at my next door neigbors house. LOL, I think she hates me because of it.

I asked for a heated bird bath for a Christmas gift. Until then I have a bird bath right underneath my kitchen window. I plan on pouring hot water on there to get it to thaw every morning, and then adding luke warm water for the birds to drink.

I am not sure how it is going to work though. I don't know what part of NE you are in but according to the forecast I just saw, we here in the North East are in for some pretty cold weather next week. I guess this will be my test.

A New England Life said...

I live on the seacoast of New Hampshire. We've tried the hot water but it doesn't last long at all before it ices over again. You also want to be careful you don't crack your birdbath because of the extreme changes in temperature.

I have suet all summer long too but for some reason we have Catbirds but no Mockingbirds. I do see them around, just not in our yard. Not for the past few years anyway. They sure are territorial! At my moms house they used to flip her old cat right over. lol!

Kallen305 said...

My step father owns a house in York, Maine so I bet you are not too far away from there. I LOVE that part of New England. I always said if I move I am going to go there or to Western Massachusetts (near the VT border).

I am crossing my fingers that the bird bath won't crack. I am going to start off with semi-hot water and see if it can withstand it. If it doesn't work out I won't be too distraught because I bought it for $14 at Lowes.

Jayne said...

They are the most entertaining things, aren't they? :c)


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