Friday, November 28, 2008

Somebody Stop me Please! Camera Crazy

Check it out! My first unblurry picture of the woodpecker that visits my yard everyday. First off, I gave my windows a good cleaning w/ vinegar. Second the screen got lifted up. Third, I didn't overzoom. Fourth, the lighting was perfect (both inside and outside).

Once I realized how nice the photo came out I became a woman obsessed. I had a turkey to put in the oven and casseroles to prepare, but all I wanted to do was take photos. The wild life was abundant in my yard yesterday and I wanted to capture every moment of it.

That's him again at a different angle.

This is a picture of my cardinal. What you see behind him is a small section of temporary fencing and chicken wire is behind that. I do this to make the feeding station as close to Fort Knox as I can. My neighbor has a cat that gets out on occasion and I want to make it as unpleasant as possible for him to enter. He doesn't get out much, but you can never be too careful. The un raked leaves behind him serve a purpose as well. You see they crinkle when you walk on them so it's my very own crinkle alarm. While it is not pleasant on the eye, I am proud to announce I have not had a bird casualty that I know of yet. This is my method of thinking folks, I overly complicate everything. ;o)

Last one, I promise. HA

I now want to photograph everything. I can finally understand why some of you are so dedicated to photo taking in your blogs. It is fun! I have the whole weekend for photos so I am going to continue to practice.

On a serious note I wanted to pass a link I found through the Cloud Messenger's blog to someone who lives in Mumbai. If you are concerned for all of the people living in chaos and hell right now, than I suggest you stop by and offer your well wishes and thoughts. They need to know that the world is with them on this and we are unified in wishing for peace in our country and every other country in this very large globe of ours. Here is the link.

Peace to all


Ruth said...

You are zooming up the learning curve! Yes, the camera is more fun than casseroles and most other things I have to do. Next thing you know you will be parting with your money to get another camera ;-)

Kallen305 said...

Ruth, You have read my mind. I already want a new camera! I am going to wait until I get my taxes back next year though. That will give me plenty of time to figure out which once I want!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Kallen... There's just not a prettier bird than a male Cardinal. Our Cardinals stay year-round also--so we can enjoy them alot. The Cardinals are always the last birds to be at the feeders just before dark!!!!

Shellmo said...

Taking photos of the birds gets addicting! So glad you have found the joy in this!

Rambling Woods said...

It is addicting isn't it? Welcome to the club where you will be at the dinner table and yell.."hawk" or "blue jay" or something else that everyone should direct their attention to....LOL..

Rich said...


I just wanted to say thanks for checking out my site. I am watching Eagles and Ravens here in Juneau.

Taking pictures is a great!

Mary said...

Oh, Kallen. I have had over-boils on the stove and a few over-baked dinners because of fun with camera! LOL!

I wish I could show you the 25 Cardinals I had last winter! You would love it.

Keep practicing and having fun.

magiceye said...

lovely captures all!

It is peace in Mumbai at last.
Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.
Pray for all those who lost their lives and may God give strength to their near and dear ones to bear their irreparable loss.

Jayne said...

You go Kallen! Practice makes perfect, and truth be known, none of us is perfect. We all look at our photos and critique them wondering how we could have done better. That's what is so fun about photographing the birds. You never know what you are going to get!

troutbirder said...

Love it. I went through the exact same process a year ago. My spouse is impressed with how clean I keep the windows. Of course, the next step is jealousy of all the great pictures one finds from people with the big zoom lenses. Too many bills right now to consider that move though!

Taster A said...
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Steve B said...

I must confess, I've burned a meal or five myself because of my obsession.

Just keep pushing your limits (with the camera, not with pans on the stove) and you will surprise youself!


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