Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Tidbits

Check out the picture I took this morning. I really like the way the clouds seem to synchronize with the tree. I am practicing taking pictures ever day and am happy to report it's getting easier. The only thing I can't control is my shakiness. I don't know if it's the caffeine or my energy level, but I get too shaky when taking pictures and half of them wind up blurry.

I also want to remind everyone to make sure they watch TV tonight. Nature is doing an hour long special on Bald Eagles. See the sidebar to the right for more detail.

Here is a sneak preview of what we can expect. It looks really good. I even bought cheese and crackers for the occasion, I am such a dork! I want my kids to watch it too so I resorted to mini bribery. If they want cheese and crackers than they have to watch it with me. Ah, the compromise of parenthood.

Last but not least is a plea for help. You see I have this tree in my yard that has these bizarre looking pods on it. I was wondering if anyone knew what they were. I have been watching the birds on the tree to see if any of them found the pods appetizing and the only ones who really seem to like it are the house finches.

What the heck is it??

I wish it were something the squirrels found appealing because they will NOT leave my feeders alone.

Well I am off to make suet and do battle with the squirrels.

Have a great Sunday everyone


dAwN said...

oh thanks ..i am glad i read your post..I will definately tune in to watch the show...i better go out and buy some treats..

A New England Life said...

I'm going to watch the show also. It looks to be really good!

After viewing the video I started scrolling through the youtube videos at the bottom. One caught me eye: American Eagle, Behind the Scenes. The cinamatographer is amazing! I also loved some of the filming they showed from Alaska.

sorry, I don't know what your tree is. And yes, it's very cold here! This morning was nice so my neighbor and I took the dogs for a walk. The temps have dropped dramatically since then.


Mary said...

Get those kids in line and make that cheese & cracker tray tempting :o) You are not a dork. I'll tell you though, my 26 year old daughter calls me a dork often, esp. when we're driving and I exclaim "Hawk! Over there!" LOL!

I'll miss the program but it looks great.

Be glad for November rain. We had a day of rain on Friday - made me sleepy but I welcomed it. Rain is good on our dry land.


Rambling Woods said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a beginning birder too..just 4 years ago. I joined Cornell's Project Feeder Watch and their e-mail list and found it very helpful.The people were very friendly and helpful.

Project Feeder Watch

I finally got caged suet feeders. The squirrels can't get into them, but I have to take them in at night or the raccoons take them. LOL


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