Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Fought the Squirrel and the Squirrel won

I like squirrels, really I do. I realize that they too need to eat and if you are going to feed the birds, than there is a very good chance you will be feeding the squirrels as well.

With this in mind, I developed a feeding plan for the squirrels that I thought was genius on my part. I found a few tree stumps in the woods while taking my usual walk and I placed them far away from the bird feeders but close enough where I could watch them. I bought them all of their favorites including sunflower seeds, cracked corn and peanuts. This worked well for a while, but now the squirrels have a hunger like I have never seen before. I read in a book that this is the time of year that squirrels seem to eat 24/7 in order to prepare for the winter, but this is getting ridiculous.

I took a peek out of my kitchen window to see what birds were on my feeder and this is what I saw.

Startled by his audacity, I started to knock on the window to get his attention. He ran away and I thought I solved the problem. 20 minutes later I did my usual peek and sure enough he was back.

This time I was frustrated because the squirrels were well fed this morning. I have been increasing the amount of food I give them to keep them occupied so I can watch the birds and this is the thanks I get!! I banged on the window again and he just stared at me and continued to eat. I opened the screen and started shouting at him to GET! GET OFF OF THERE. Away he jumped to the yew tree to start gobbling down the berries. Determined little critter, I thought as I walked away satisfied that this was the last of my peskly little friend.

NOT! This time I went out there and shouted for my patience was wearing thin. All of the birds were on perches awaiting their turn and they didn't stand a chance with him in the middle of it! He saw me and he jumped from the platform and onto the ground. I watched him with a mixture of frustration and amusement as he jumped up a tree and proceeded to urinate all over it. Must check book to see what that could mean.........

I thought I scared him really good that time but he obviously called my bluff. I sat there and watched him and admitted defeat for this determined little foe was too much for me. I was tired at this point and was sick of fighting.

I decided to make the best of the situation and got out my camera. Since it appeared as if he owned the feeder at the present I thought it would be a good time to practice using it. I am not good at taking pictures and photographing birds is even more difficult because they move around so much (that is why I like to go over to all of the other blogs because I am amazed at the pictures many of you can take of creatures that rarely stand still).

He was much easier to photograph than the birds, but he wouldn't do me the honors of turning around for the camera. Heck I thought to myself, that's the least he can do since I feed him his breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

I do have to admit that it was fun to take these photographs. I don't like taking pictures much because I'm not that good at it, so this gave me the opportunity to practice a little. Now if I could only get used to the photo editing software.
Yes it was an exciting day today outside of my kitchen window and I bet he will be there again tomorrow.


Robert V. Sobczak said...

This is no longer about you and the squirrel: this is a battle between right and wrong. Never give up!

Jayne said...

They will never give up. I had to finally resort to the pole feeder system with a huge raccoon baffle on the pole. So far, so good... now they are relegated to the ground below the feeders. (I will admit to having to move my bird bath as they were jumping from it to the feeders..sheesh.)

Mary said...

You will never win unless you go to baffles made for snakes and raccoons. And still, they might find their way to the goods! LOL!

A New England Life said...

My parents did the pole and tray route too. And then they greased the pole. It's pretty funny watching the squirrels sliiiiide down. lol! It only last so long though and I don't know how it worked in the winter.

I let me dog out and she tree's them. Then she sits at the bottom waiting while they scould her. She gives up before they do. Pesky little creatures!


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