Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Light Savings Time Blues

Photo by Peter Griffin

Where is the sun? I ask myself this every morning as I drag myself out of bed to start the coffee. I wait for daylight eagerly as my son is getting ready for school and taking his time as usual. I don't mind much because it gives me time to look out my kitchen window in search for the first early bird. It is always the cardinal..I can hear his familiar call as he lands on the coconut feeder for his breakfast of safflower seeds.

Soon enough the others follow. Blue jays are next, waiting for me to put the peanuts out on the fence post. They know me by now and get really quiet when they see me come outside. They are so eager for the peanuts that they don't even wait for me to finish before they start swooping in to fight for the heaviest ones. The titmice, chickadees and finches join in and my back yard suddenly comes to life as I grudgingly head off to work.

While driving, I come to the realization that it's getting lighter a little later each morning. Soon enough I will be lucky to be able to watch the birds for 15 minutes each morning before I fly off to work.

I go out each afternoon to get away from my desk and breathe in the fresh air. Many times I go to the small park across the street from me. Sure enough there is always someone feeding the pigeons. I watch them as they toss the bread to the clumsy birds who fight with each other for a piece. On occasion a house sparrow is daring enough to get in the middle and grab a bite. The outraged pigeons chase after her as she flys away with her morsel to eat in peace. These are the only birds we have in our downtown area (besides the falcons that feed off of them), and while I don't like them in my yard, I find myself going there more and more lately just to watch the birds.

By the time I get home it's already getting dark and the only one in my yard is the cardinal getting his last meal before he retires safely in a tree for the night. I put on my sweats, do some light housework and then plunk myself on the couch and fire up the computer to read the blogs and catch up. The energy I had this summer is suddenly gone. I long for warm blankets, macaroni and cheese, and black and white movies. Snap out of it! I tell myself, but it is no use because I miss the daylight and the nature that goes with it.

I end this with a poem I found on the Internet. I think she is using the sun as a metaphor here, but it still suited my mood.

My Brilliant Sun By Eileen Ramage

I laid my soul so bare to you
It may not have been the thing to do,
For now you seem so far away
Yet we were so close just yesterday

Back to the world where we were one.
You shone for me like a brilliant sun.
My world is dark now you are gone.
My search for you goes on and on.

To hear your voice would set me free.
To have you here once more with me.
To feel your touch and close embrace
Brings back the smile upon my face

Souls have touched and shared together
Moments that will last forever.
No one can take them away from me
For they are mine for eternity.



Beth said...

I share your mood and attitude. It's hard to look on the "bright" side when we still have more than a month of lengthening darkness ahead.

Shellmo said...

Love your little cardinal! They say the cardinal is the 1st one to the feeder in the morning and the last one to visit at the end of the day - this has been my cardinal pair.

NW Nature Nut said...

I know exactly how you feel! Only another month or so and the days will get longer!
I work at a wild bird supply store and we throw out seeds for the "parking lot birds" which are primarily crows, brewer's blackbirds and english house sparrows. It's not exciting as the backyard, but we still enjoy watching them.

Rambling Woods said...

I'm with you..I hate the short days and I miss the sun...The poem was a great choice...

Rambling Woods


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