Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This tufted titmouse was the first to discover the Thanksgiving bounty I put out for all of the creatures that visit my backyard. He loves is when I shell peanuts for him as you can see. I put some pomegranates in there too. I use the seeds as a garnish for my meals and never use it all. I did a google search to make sure this fruit is safe for wildlife and once I found out it was, I put it out there. It hasn't been touched yet.

Squiggy and his family got hazelnuts today as well as their own suet. They are stuffing themselves as I type this and I am hoping they get so full that they sleep for the rest of the day and leave my birds alone.

I had my own Thanksgiving surprise this morning and was it a doozy. The red bellied woodpecker who I spotted in my backyard a few weeks ago decided to pay me a visit. The picture is blurry because I was overly excited when I took it. HA!! He loves my suet so that makes making it worth the effort.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food, family and friends. I am grateful to have discovered this wonderful blogging community and all you have taught me. I took your tips on better camera shots and it's working! Thanks everyone.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Kallen, I'm so glad your babies had a FEAST on Thanksgiving... I'm sure they are THRILLED.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful day also. Happy Turkey Day!

Rambling Woods said...

Thank you Kallen..and I love the red-bellied woodpeckers who also love nuts...I forgot to mention that you can use a water gun to scare the squirrels away without hurting them

Deborah Godin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family on the inside, and all your fellow birdies outside!

Mary said...

Kallen, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

It's been my pleasure getting to know you.


magiceye said...

Thank you so much for your concern and good wishes.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jayne said...

Glad you got your Red-bellied. :c) They are such fun to watch. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!


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