Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tagged Ring-billed Gull info

Ken from DCR got back to me on the orange tagged Ring-billed Gulls I saw yesterday so I thought I would share.

The first three I reported A330, A334, A335 were all captured the morning I reported them at Clark Street School in Worcester so obviously this was the first sighting. Funny how all three of them were tagged together and then took off to Indian Lake afterwards. The three of them seemed unfazed by the whole ordeal so I guess they quickly forget.
The only one with a sense of adventure was A38 Above.


Captured 10/03/08 at Worcester Hotel & Conference Center, Worcester, MA

Map of capture sight: 42.295643, - 71.774175

Captured using a rocket net baited with bread and Cheez-its

Adult ring-billed gull

Florescent orange wing-tags: A38

Red leg band: PP

federal band: 0974-05397

released on site


10/07/08: Lake Chauncey, Westborough, MA

10/30/08: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

03/16/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

03/20/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

03/21/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

03/25/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

06/23/09: Hammonasset State Park, Madison, CT

06/24/09: Hammonasset State Park, Madison, CT

06/25/09: Hammonasset State Park, Madison, CT

07/23/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

10/06/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

10/15/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA

10/27/09: Kendrick Fields, Worcester, MA

11/18/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA (11:46 am- just before you saw the same gull at Indian Lake).

Am wondering who the Lincoln Plaza stalker is and how come I haven't bumped into him as I spent a lot of time there this past winter out of pure desperation when there were no other birds to look at Hmmmmmmmmm. Also noticed that the gulls caught in 2008 were fed both bread and Cheez-its whereas the gulls in 2009 have been fed only bread (must be due to state budget cuts, so glad to see the state being so diligent in cutting costs!) Lastly impressed with his choice of summer vacation this past June and with the fact that someone was there to track the bird!

Take care all!

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Rich said...

Glad to see you out there getting the birds. The gulls are east coast, it seems. Liked the spider from the previous set of photos too.

Have a good one.


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