Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Information on Sunday's Tagged Ring-billed Gulls

DCR got back to Alan and I with the information on the Ring-billed Gulls we saw Sunday at Indian Lake and thought I would share in case any of you were waiting patiently in eager anticipation on what we could find out! Anyhow, here's the lowdown on the clever little A42

Captured 10/3/08 at Worcester Hotel & Conference Center, Worcester, MA
Captured using a rocket net baited with bread and cheezits
Adult ring-billed gull
Florescent orange wing-tags: A42
Red leg band: RZ

10/07/08: White City Plaza, Shrewsbury, MA
11/03/08: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA
11/23/08: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA
12/03/08: Gull Count, Wachusett Reservoir
12/05/08: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA
12/17/08: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA
02/10/09: Coney Island Beach, NY
03/16/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA
03/20/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA
08/04/09: Lincoln Plaza, Worcester, MA
10/27/09: Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester, MA
10/30/09: Gull Count, Wachusett Reservoir

As you can see the adult Ring-billed Gull has a liking for cheezits (a very popular food among the gulls) and also decided to take a little winter vacation this year to Coney Island, for hot dogs and pretzels I'm sure!

And of course, the docile little 1st cycle Ring-billed Gull number 290.

Captured 10/27/09 at Lake Quinsigamond State Park, Worcester, MA
Captured using a rocket net baited with crackers
Juvenile ring-billed gull
Florescent orange wing-tags: A290
No colored lag band

This was actually the first sighting of the gull so it is obviously sticking close to home but starting to venture out some.

And just a reminder that DCR will be the guest speaker at this months Forbush Bird Club meeting which should be very interesting. Keep reporting those gulls!

Take care all


Steve Borichevsky said...

I knew those cheezits were bad for you!

Larry said...

Its always neat to see where those guys travel to.

Rich said...

Great Photos

Interesting to see where birds go.



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