Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pre-work Birding

Had an extra 10 minutes or so this morning before work so I decided to do a quick back yard count to see who was in my yard. As soon as I headed out the door I could hear various bird calls and activity coming from my feeding stations, as well as many of the berry shrubs I allow to grow wild in my yard knowing it will provide food for the birds in late fall, early winter.

The family of Blue Jays have returned and are probably wondering where the peanuts are! Unless I can find them wholesale, they will not be getting them this year but its just as well because they seem to have developed a liking to Black Oil Sunflower Seed, which is much cheaper by the pound!
I have tons pokeberry growing all around my wild blackberry bushes in the section of my yard I allow to grow wild, so went over there and was amazed at how many birds were, The ones eating the pokeberry and yew were Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbirds, American Robins, Cedar Waxwings and European Starlings! Not too shabby at all!
The local House Sparrows are back and the gang of six a couple of days ago are now a gang of 12. They have redeveloped their liking of Safflower Seed which really ticks me off because it is so expensive and the birds are bullies. The little buggers have proceeded to spill about a third of it onto the ground, but its just as well because I find the Northern Cardinals prefer to feed that way most times. Hopefully they will eat it because there is nothing worse than trying to clean up spilled birdseed on grass! Grrrrrr, the perils of backyard bird feeding!
And speaking of pests, check out the Gray Squirrel. Have no idea what happened to it but it appears to have somewhat lost the battle.

List from this morning (note, some like the gulls, pigeons and crows were flying overhead and not in my yard).

6-Ring-billed Gull
8-Rock Pigeon
1-Mourning Dove
1-Downy Woodpecker
3-Blue Jay
2-American Crow
2-Black-capped Chickadee
1-Tufted Titmouse
1-Carolina Wren
2-American Robin
1-Northern Mockingbird
7-European Starling
5-Cedar Waxwing
1-Song Sparrow
2-Dark-eyed Junco
1-Northern Cardinal
2-House Finch
12-House Sparrow

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troutbirder said...

Hey that was a good outing!


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