Monday, November 16, 2009

A Blackbird Sunrise

I stepped outside this morning as the sun was just starting to rise and I do what I always do every morning, which is take a quick scan of the yard for birds and then a quick scan of the sky.
As I looked across the street I could see the orange sky peppered in black as a large flock of blackbirds flew by heading south-west. I had my camera with me, but not the binnoculars so I can't tell what they are. I am guessing a mixed flock and I am guessing numbers between 500-750.
Fantastic way to start the day as I love it when I'm lucky enough to see significant flocks of any kind fly past me. Just wish they were closer so I could have listened to hear if they were making any call notes.
The tail end of the very large flock.

Very cool way to start the week. Take care everyone!


troutbirder said...

First time visitor enjoying. That is a lot of blackbirds. Followed your birding outings and very similar to my spouse and myself doing the same thing (no seashores here though). :)

Rambling Woods said...

Nothing better than some birds to start your day..The blog is looking fantastic Kim...You have really become a serious birder... get out there and see some for me will you? ..Michelle...

madcobug said...

If all those had of been close enough you would have heard a big racket LOL. I don't know if it would have been singing or squawking. They are loud alright. Helen


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