Thursday, October 15, 2009

This and That-October

Did a little bit of light birding tonight after work and figured I would hit the Millbury Bike Path to see if anything new had arrived since I was there last. The five Double-crested Cormorants that were there a few weeks ago still remain and look just a content now as they did then as you can see above.
Everywhere I went I either heard the chip calls of Song Sparrows or Yellow-rumped Warblers like the one above. Very happy to hear the Dark-eyed Junco call though and saw 4 of them but were too quick for the camera so I gave up after a couple of minutes of failed pishing.

One of two Black Ducks I saw today. Once again mixed in with the Mallards just like last year.
And a flock of what I believe to be Cedar Waxwings. I could see 2 juvenile Cedar Waxwings on a tree and then they took off and joined this flock all making their familiar call.
Also decided to hit the park at City Hall before going to Dunkin Donuts this morning and I saw my first Chipping Sparrows ever in downtown Worcester including this juvenile above. Yeah I know the photo is lousy but these birds didn't want any part of my camera and there is no way I'm pishing at the City Hall park because who knows what else I could attract besides birds.
I believe this is the female Peregrine Falcon. I took this from the park as well.
And here she is again during my lunch hour across the street on top of City Hall. She remained there for the entire hour!
And here they are at their favorite place lately which is the Flagship Building. The photo is lousy but it really shows you the size difference between the male and female. The female is on the right.
Another shot this time he is on the corner of the building and she is on the church cross which is one of their favorite perching spots lately.
And another bird doing a flyby that I got a picture of from my office. Does anyone know what it is??? Why it's a Great-blue Heron of course. What did you expect a lousy pigeon? Second one to pass in the past two weeks.
A flock of Canada Geese migrating south. I see flocks every day going past downtown. I estimated one at 7:40Am today to be about 75!
And an American Crow going past my office today at lunch. I thought it was going to go after the Falcon across the street, but it just went right by as if it didn't even notice her.
A gull picture taken during lunch yesterday. The Ring-billed Gulls are getting more frequent lately and venture further away from their favorite spot which is Crompton Park and Fisher Auto Parts to come downtown. They will be regulars down here until breeding season starts next year.

A photo taken at this past Sunday's Forbush Trip in New Braintree that I forgot to include in my post. Love this photo and the fog in the back ground.
And a new bird to add to my backyard bird list. Believe it or not this is the first time I have ever had a Red-tailed fly above my yard that I know of. I got a Broad-winged fly over in late summer but not the Red-tailed until now, go figure!
It was actually kiting which is so cool to observe. Wondering if it's one of the ones from the Cross Street area. Note how different the two pictures look due to the position of the bird and the sun.

Take care everyone!


Chris said...

Hi Kim,
Gosh, you got to see two of my favorites there, the cedar waxing and the Yellow-rumped Warbler that I've never seen but that I love!!! There are beautiful birds and lovely creatures! Well done with your this and that posts, I lvoe them! Have a nice week end.

Hilke Breder said...

Beautiful shot of the landscape with the fog just about to lift - nice mood! Great shots of the birds too. We are also seeing more of the stay-all-year birds - life would be quiet and empty without them.

Chad said...

I have yet to see a Peregrine Falcon!

MaineBirder said...

One of my fav birds, the Cedar Waxwing. Very nice series Kim!

Samuel said...

Great pictures of the hawk!

Chris Petrak said...

I wonder if the PEFA is the same one you followed through the nesting - and I'll also be curious if it (she) stays the winter. There was one all winter in Gloucester last year and maybe previous years. Interesting how late the CEWAs nest and how long they continue in juvenile plumage.


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