Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Office Birding-Peregrine Falcons of Course!

That's right everyone, another exciting post about my Friday Office Birding. I am trying to fit a little bit of it in every Friday as a way to end the week. The picture above was taken from my humble little office that offers a view of City Hall, a pretty decent amount of skyline facing Southeast, and some of the favorite spots of the Peregrine Falcons including the Flagship Building.
Just before lunch I decided to take a look and sure enough, one was having its own lunch on the A of the Flagship logo. I can see it's starting to rain, but decided to go out there anyway as a little rain has never stopped me before. Anyhow, this is the female and it appears as if she was just finishing up her lunch of choice.
I love to watch these birds eating and it doesn't happen often so whenever I am lucky enough to spot it, I take full advantage of it.
Looking up to the sky and realizing she is getting a little wet.
But continues to eat anyway.
The rain is coming down a little harder now.
Decides to turn around for a side view. Everytime I see the female I am speechless. Just look at the size of her. In my book "Hawks in Flight", they refer to falcons as "a mechanism of muscle and feathers", and the misses above is a clear example of that. If you put the male next to her, you would still see the muscle, but not the mass (picture Markie Mark standing next to Lou Ferrigno as an example ;-) ).
She is a fierce female that's for certain!
She finishes up her lunch and decides to to up to the "N" I am guessing to preen as the falcons always go somewhere to clean up after a meal. Very often it is on another letter away from the leftovers.
I am guessing she didn't like the rain much because off she flew. These falcons are so quick that it is VERY hard to get a flight shot of them. I had my camera on full zoom so put it down some and by the time I did that she was out of view for a clear shot.
And a squirrel having its own lunch over a City Hall.
Picture from yesterday from my office of three Turkey Vultures heading south. They didn't appear to be migrating as they took their time and played in the wind some but they were certainly headed in the right direction! Take care all.


Hilke Breder said...

Kim, you have a neat office and a great view. I love the peregrine series. A few years back we wouldn't have dreamed of having peregrine falcons making their homes on office buildings. I guess they are going with the times...

Dale Forbes said...

great falcons. still not on my office birding list, although there is a pair that is fairly near to us so it is just a matter of time...

happy birding

Ginnymo said...

I love your shots of that Falcon. At least they got a lot of places to land and sit on those buildings. So neat that you can view them like that!


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