Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day one of Back Yard Bird Feeding

Yesterday was the day I scrubbed all of my bird feeders and stocked up on the regular winter staples like Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed and Nyjer and decided to put it out hoping I would get the birds back in a week or so. As you can see it took them less than 24 hours to find the bounty! The safflower was the hands down winner today by all birds including the awful House Sparrows. People say the HOSP's don't like Safflower, but I beg to differ based on past experience. Luckily, it is only a flock of 6 right now and they took off after about 10 minutes of hogging the feeder.
The Black-capped Chickadees have returned too which was indeed a welcome site. I am so glad I decided to stop feeding during the summer because it makes you really appreciate the birds when they come back in the fall. I spent this afternoon working on some analysis I am doing and kept my head near the window at all times to see who would appear at my feeders and it was so nice for a change.
I spend so much time going out of my way to look for the rare birds or the seasonal birds and often overlook the birds that are always near my yard 365 days of the year, it was nice to see them again in my yard.
I spend a lot of money each winter on various bird seed, but it's worth every penny. I get some really good pictures of them, they are fun to watch and it gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction knowing that on cold winter days, when food is hard to find, they will come to my yard to get enough food to survive another night.
And just for old times sake, a lousy Tufted Titmouse shot. One of the funniest backyard birds for sure!
I did head out to Barre Falls this AM even though I knew wind and weather conditions were far from our favor for hawkwatching. You see, every year Barre gets a Golden Eagle on Halloween so I wanted to be there to see if it could happen again. I didn't get there until 10:15 or so because I slept until 7:30 (GASP), and the place was barren except for a couple of hunters. Stuck around until 11 or so and then headed back to Millbury because there were literally no birds at Barre except for a flock of Ring-billed Gulls playing in the wind, and one lone American Crow struggling to fly across the parking lot. Made a stop at St. Philips and saw the Red-tailed Hawk above.
Stopped at Brierly's in Millbury and the Hooded Mergansers are back again. This time three males and one female. One of my favorite winter birds in town so a welcome site indeed.

Will be doing some birding tomorrow at Quabbin with Forbush and will have pictures of that of course.

Take care everyone!


Mary said...

Just like you, Kim, I haven't fed much to the birds at all since June. Just stocked up on Black Oil SS, nuts, suet, niger, but my feeders still need a good cleaning.

I love the Titmice photos! HOSP eat ANYTHING. I have a tiny bird feeder they manage to get into... Ugh.

It is good to know they have a food source when the bug supply gets low... We don't freeze often here but I heard we're in for a cold winter.

Rich said...

Great photos - liked the lousy shot a lot. Your lousy shot is still a lot better than my good shots.

eileeninmd said...

Great photo of your backyard birds. Nice sighting of the hawk.

Steve Borichevsky said...

There is nothing like having the life of the birds in the backyard come winter time. Nice little hoodie.


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