Friday, October 2, 2009

Goodbye to the Ice Cream Barn-Fire in Millbury

Updated: My youngest son has a friend that used to work there, and from what she is hearing nobody was hurt. Just an FYI as I have gotten a few emails from concerned people in Worcester County as I seem to be the only one out in google land with any information of this fire.

Story from the T&G can be found here: Ice Cream Barn Fire

Got home from All Faiths Cemetery in Worcester after doing some birding with Alan and was uploading my pictures when suddenly there were fire trucks flying fast toward the center of town in every direction. I went outside to see what was going on and the entire area was filled with so much smoke that it looked like a fog had taken over the center of town.
I grabbed my camera and found out it was the Ice Cream Barn that was on fire. I immediately thought of the gas station right next to it as it has quite a few gas pumps. Spoke to the manager who runs the place and he was lucky enough to see the first set of flames and shut down all gas lines obviously.
Our heroic volunteer fire fighters from Millbury were on the scene as well as much needed help from nearby Grafton.
Very sad to see this place burn down as I have a lot of fond memories of freshly brewed ice cold iced tea on hot summer days and hot fudge sunday's with peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream on special days with the kids. The ice cream barn was the place to go after Little League Games, the last day of school and the 4th of July.

Our fire fighters did an awesome job putting the fire out and I sat there and watched them in awe. These brave men and women are the ones who run into smoldering buldings, while others flee. That says a lot about ones character. Brave and heroic indeed.
Have gotten quite a few emails from people asking if I have anymore pictures so posted some more at the link right here More Fire Pictures


Danielle said...

I just want to thank you for posting these. I am Ray's granddaughter & live in Florida - I was on the phone with him while he was getting ready to leave the Barn last night - so I couldn't be there to see or support my family. It was one thing that I was missing the shop while I have been down here, but now everyone has to miss it.

Kim said...

My thoughts go out to you and your family. Jan and Ray must be devastated by the loss as it was indeed a landmark of our small town.

It seems as if there are many people out there who are also sad for the loss as I am getting a lot of hits since I posted this on my blog. I am guessing it's all due to the Ice Cream Barn post and people want to make sure everyone is ok. Take care

Hilke Breder said...

Those are eery-looking and yet beautiful images. Glad that nobody got hurt.

Robyn B said...

I wanted to say a big thanks to both the Millbury and Grafton firefighters. Job well done on controling that fire. I have many great memories at the barn as do my tastebuds. I have a few pics as well but wasn't sure how to post here. Love your blog

Kim said...

Hey there Robyn, thanks for visiting. Have you considered opening up a Flickr account or something. That is a place where you can post your pictures to the Internet and share them via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I would even share the link here on my fire posts if you would like.


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