Monday, October 26, 2009

Barred Owl-Millbury

Note: Computer is down again at home and have no access to home email so if you have emailed me, I am hoping to get back in touch with you at some point this week. I can't wait to get this month over with as it has been one thing after another!

Anyhow, Alan and I did some birding in the AM yesterday before the Forbush Trip and we finally were able to see the Barred Owl that lives in and around the Brierly section of town. Alan could see some whitewash on a tree so I used my binoculars to search for an owl and sure enough there it was! The picture above is my favorite because of how it is staring at me. I was directly underneath it with my camera and the owl wanted to check out what the heck I was doing!

Finally I move away to get a better angle for pictures as it stares back in return. The Barred Owl didn't move once and only looked semi-alarmed when it heard a flock of American Crows nearby making a racket.

After a while it started dozing off again as I continued to take photos.

Such an adorable bird and my new favorite bird for the month of October! Seriously, owls are really cool birds and it was such a rush to get one in broad daylight that would sit still for you! The weekend highlight for sure.

I do have some pictures from the Forbush trip this past Sunday that I will be posting at some point. Wouldn't you know I got some fantastic photos of a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on a church steeple on Saturday morning and even have a couple of pictures of a crow mobbing it, but I think I lost those photos because they were on my hard drive and I deleted the pictures from my camera. Totally not fair!

Take care all and I will post when I can.


madcobug said...

Great shots. It is very well hidden by the color of the bark on the tree. Hope you get your computer fixed soon. Helen

Hilke Breder said...

Love the photos, particularly the firt one where is owl is peaking down at you. RE your computer, what a bum deal. When it's down, you realize how much you depend on it.

The Early Birder said...

So..Who was really watching who?
Lovely shots Kim & hope your PC problems are resolved soon. FAB

Marc said...

Kim, i'm no computer expert. But, last year i recovered a bunch of music, pictures etc. using an operating system disc called Ubuntu. Like $20 bucks at best buy. Lots of info out there on the interwebs about it. :)
Good luck

editor said...

Hello, I'm hoping you can get in touch with me. I write for and would love to do a photo essay/interview with you that focuses on your shots in Millbury.

Would you email me at



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