Friday, January 23, 2009

A Perfect Way for me to Spend my Lunch Hour

I am so sick of being indoors and in my office. I decided yesterday to get out of my four walled prison for a while and take advantage of the 30 degree weather we had. I went to a park nearby that is supposed to have a lot of wild life. I saw this mute swan there who is swimming on the unfrozen water.

Mallard ducks congregating in another part of the pond that is unfrozen.

Juncos on branches in search for weed seeds.

A lone chickadee takes a break from foraging and watches the activity on the pond.

While it was a fun way to spend an hour, I didn't get out of the funk I have been in. Nature to me is my spiritual medication. If I go without it for too long, I get really down. I am like this every week it seems. Each day I get a little worse. I long for the outdoors and can't find the time to get out there during the work week and even if I did, it is still far too cold to explore for hours the way I like too. The bird activity isn't great either as many birds have migrated south and those who are brave enough to be here, are resting somewhere or out deeper into the woods.

I am going to try and get out today to see if I can find something. I long for something new. Yes I love my backyard regulars, but miss that instant rush I get when I find a new bird I have never seen before. I need something to awaken my senses that doesn't involve the bitter cold. I need evidence of spring. Whether it be green vegetation, brighter plumage, or a January thaw.

I will continue to search and hope for spring.


Lynne said...

I understand you. The short winter days don't help either. I'm hoping to get out to a big indoor garden center this weekend just to take in some green and warmth and colorful flowers.
Hang in there- spring will come!

Steve B said...

It's getting to the point where there is still some light when I get home. Soon they will be tapping maple trees. Hang in there, spring is coming!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Luck getting out today, Kallen. Sounds like you are REALLY ready for Spring. The good news is that January is almost over. SO???? Just be patient and Spring will come----SOMETIME.

We had a gorgeous day yesterday --temps up in the 50's. BUT this morning it was 30 and there was ice on the ground. DUH!!!

Deborah Godin said...

Have a great journey outside. Hope you get some good natural healing this trip!!

Ruth said...

This winter started early and shows no sign of stopping. I have discovered a few local spots where winter trails are fairly protected and where pockets of winter birds hide out. Yesterday was around freezing (very warm) but we are back to sub-zero temps and north winds again.

Jayne said...

And it will come... and we'll all be so happy to see the green again and feel the warm breezes. :c) (((Kallen)))

A New England Life said...

I was just thinking about the maple tree's today!

If there is one thing that is really getting me through this long, cold winter, it's blogging. I have something to do, or look forward too, or read all the time. Hopefully it's helping you too!

How I wish I could see a Swan. I've been looking along the bay but haven't had any luck. One more month and we'll be almost into March!!! said...

These cold gray days don't help me either..I would love to be sitting in the yard..sigh..


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