Monday, January 19, 2009

A Monday I Enjoyed

I normally don't like Mondays. Monday is the day that you are back to the rat race, enclosed in your office to stare at a computer screen all day vs. the great outdoors. Not this Monday though. In remembrance to Martin Luther King, many of us were fortunate enough to have the day off and that included me. It gave me time to look out my kitchen window and search for birds. The cardinals are back and I am happy. Cardinals are so fun to photograph because they are so bright in color and large compared to some of the other birds so I can always get a good shot of them even when they are far away.

The chickadee is back too. I thought I would be inundated with chickadees this winter but it has not proven to be the case. I didn't see much of them last week during the terrible cold spell we had and they are not frequent here during heavy snow either. The weather is warmer now and the snow is melting so my chickadees have returned to take advantage of an easy meal.

The juncos have not left my yard since November. Out of all of my backyard birds, this is the most challenging to get a photo of. The lack of sunlight in my yard makes it even worse. I was able to get an okay picture of this one though as it was eating from the coconut. What is it about coconut feeders that the birds find so appealing?? I have a ton of feeders around my station that offers the same tiny morsels, but they all prefer the coconut feeder for some reason.

Two crows surveying the landscape in search of predators. There is another on the ground in my yard eating dog kibble I brought out for them. I know many don't like crows but I am not one of them. I find them one of the most intriguing birds to observe especially when birds of prey are around. I like to think of them as the busy bodies of the bird kingdom. I think these two are a couple and they make a cute pair.

My resident song sparrow coming out of the brush pile to guard the feeding station. He is looking toward his favorite feeder to make sure the house sparrows are not on it eating his food. I love this little guy. He looks as if he has a bib in preperation for his lunch.

Finally a snow swirl. I was cleaning out my freezer and came upon some frozen boneless chicken breast I was not going to use due to freezer burn. I decided to bring it across the street in the woods for whatever wild creature may find it appealing. I was overjoyed to hear the birds singing!! How I have missed that sound. Birds of many species were out in the woods singing their joy over a warm day with sunshine and melting snow. I brought my camera with me in hopes I could photograph a few but none of them would stand still, for they were too busy searching for food.

I did hear a bird call I had never heard before and I am curious to find out what kind of bird it is. The call was a series of ten notes and it sounded like it was saying hawk. It almost had the pitch of a monkey, so it sounded like "hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk. It would stop for a few seconds and then do the same call in the same fashion all over again. A new thing for me to investigate!!!


troutbirder said...

Sunlight! I remember that for taking pictures. It's been several weeks though.

Jayne said...

Glad you had the day off Kallen. :c) I've not had nearly as many chickadees lately either for some reason. And, the juncos seem to come out just now and again as well. Have a wonderful day ahead!

fengyebingxueer said...
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Rich said...

Kallen, The trick is taking the extra day off and using it for something you enjoy. You write well and thanks for the pictures.

Shellmo said...

Kallen - did you make that coconut feeder? Love it and interesting that the birds like it so much too! Loved your cardinal - they can brighten up any day!

Diane said...

I can feel your joy, Kallen! I hope you were refreshed :) sweet photos.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures Kallen.. We have alot of chick-a-dee-dee-dees also!!! About your freezer burn, we bought a "FOOD SAVER" from Sam's --and it is wonderful. It is a little machine that sucks the air out of the special bags you use--and freezes things much better.

I was a nut about things getting freezer burn--and would throw out all kinds of things..Then I started using freezer paper and heavy duty aluminum foil.. That helped--but this new Food Saver machine is the best yet. Check it out.
Betsy said...

Lovely series Kallen..Birds do help to make a day nicer..

Deborah Godin said...

Terrific shots - the cardinal is bright as a berry! I wonder if your mystery bird is a nuthatch, either a red- or white-breasted? You can Google songs for both of them and have a listen.

Kallen305 said...

Troutbirder, I cannot wait for sun! Sure we get it, but not in the area where I am taking my pictures. Sunlight really does make a photo.

Jayne, I guess the chickadees would rather forage in the trees for food than at the feeders all the time. It's funny though because when I fed them this summer, they were everywhere.

Rich, I am learning to enjoy my days off. In the past I would obsess about things I needed to do instead of things I wanted to do. I still obsess, but not as bad as before. Bird watching is so much fun compared to cleaning floors. ;o)

Comment deleted. No I am not interested in your gold or your spam. Go away.

Shelley, my friends who live a couple of houses down from me make their own coconut feeders with a drill and saw and gave me a couple. They are fantastic!! If I was crafty w/ tools, I would make 10 of them and fill them w/ seed. The birds love to perch on them and eat.

Diane, I was very refreshed. I forgot how good it feels to get outside, even in the winter.

Besty, thanks for the heads up on the gadget to prevent freezer burn. I swear I get it all the time and it drives me crazy!

Thanks Rambling, yes my birds are my daily dose of natural anti depressents. They make me smile all day.

Deborah, I am off to google nuthatches now. And yes, I LOVE the cardinals. They are so bright against the snow and are gorgeous birds to photograph. Now I can see why they are on so many Christmas cards!! Natural candy for the eyes.

Kallen305 said...

Deborah, I just listened to the white breasted nuthatch and it sounded a lot like what I heard.



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