Friday, January 30, 2009

Free as a Bird

There are so many things I love about birds. Their colorful plumage, their sweet-joyous song, their unsatisfiable curiosity, but the thing I love most is their ability to fly.

I discovered the magic of birding this past summer. Sure I would spend countless hours in front of my window watching them eat fruit from my ripened trees, but one of my favorite things to do was to go outside and watch them fly. How free it must feel to be up in the sky with the breeze on your face watching the world from a view point we humans can only see in a confined airplane. I was envious of them as I sat there worried about bills, children, pets and all of the other responsibilities I have.

I fantasized about flying away with them to a majestic lake where I would perch right beside them on an old oak tree. The bright sun would warm my face, the ripples of water would entice my ears and all of the burdens that weigh down my soul would magically disappear. Yes, if I were to ever die and come back, a bird it would be for certain.

But then I got to thinking. Birds do indeed worry just like us human folk. While they are free to fly, that does not mean they are free of daily responsibilities. They cannot just fly freely all day as they need to find food, water and shelter. They are tasked with nesting and taking care of their young to ensure future generations to come. I guess no living organism is free when you think about it.

But they are free in a sense that many people fail to appreciate. They do not obsess about material things because all that they need is right there beside them. The birds are not held hostage by cell phones, blackberries and task lists because they live for the current moment and what it is they need to do now instead of next week. The birds still live by the rule of nature, not by the rule of man who always seem to complicate things. That is what makes them free I suppose.

I think I will try some of that myself this weekend and join the birds. I may not be able to fly along side them with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face, but I can certainly try.


A New England Life said...

Wouldn't it be nice to be as free as a bird! Something that like you I very seldom feel. Hopefully both of us will find a small piece of it this week-end ... before we go back and start all over again.

Leedra said...

You got twins in that 2nd photo.

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Photography By Leedra

Betsy from Tennessee said...

"Free as a bird" sounds good--but how free are they really???? They do have to search constantly for food and shelter. AND--they have to watch out for hawks and any other predator.. AND-would we really want to stay outside ALL of the time --especially in a cold, cold winter???? I'm not sure I'd want to be a bird!!!!

Cute pictures though.

Steve B said...

Nice insights. I'm glad you have found birding. It has kept me sane through the decades, if you can be sane about an obsession. It is very therapeutic to be outdoors, looking at the environment and focusing on what is there.

Beth said...

I like the idea. Your pictures are really nice--you must be loving your new camera.

Kelly said...

I really liked this entry. You took us on a little trip...flying free with the birds, then back down to earth...then the gentle reminder that life can be simplified and living in the moment offers freedom in other ways. Thanks!

Kallen305 said...

Sharon, I hope you find some inner peace and quiet time this weekend. I would love to just throw away my to do list for one week and do what ever I want. No kids asking for rides, no deadlines from work, etc. One of these days I keep telling myself.

Leedra, I loved the fact that they looked almost identical when I took that photo. I am totally loving the gold finches lately which is good because I spend enough money on their nyjer, LOL!

Betsy, you are so right in that they are not totally free. If I were a bird I would not stick around here for winter though. I would go somewhere warm like Tennessee!! ;o)

Steve, I am happy to have found this escape even if it was in my late 30's. It is a semi obsession, but in a good way thus far.

Thanks Kelly. I was thinking of this all day while I was doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc. I am so sick of the mundane and yearn for something different. Such is life I suppose.

mon@rch said...

Birds are amazing to me because of their flight! Bravo pictures and thanks for sharing with us!

Jayne said...

It's always such a treat to just watch them go about their daily routines of finding food, preening, and finding shelter. The flying part would be rather neat, I must say. :c)

Chad and Brandy said...

Quite a variety of birds you have there. I understand the daydreams of flying away with our feathered friends, I have the same one.

Rich said...

Hi Kallen,

I have dreamed of being a bird flying away. I am wondering if I would be the idiot bird that would go to the coldest weather to see if I could survive. Your pictures are great! Your topics are great too. Keep blogging!

Deborah Godin said...

Love the "Gold Dust Twins" photo, so cute! And great musings on life, nature and da boids.


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