Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Little Chickadee

My favorite bird of all time has been busy in my yard the past couple of days. I went out there yesterday morning to refill my station and as I will putting seed into the coconut he flew right next to me and perched to watch me fill up the feeder. While he was staring he gave me a hearty chickadee dee dee dee. I had to laugh at him because of the way he was staring at me and giving his call at the same time. I slowly filled up the coconut and he grabbed one as soon as I went to fill another. What fantastic birds they are.
Update on the junco. I didn't see him yesterday afternoon and assumed he had died somewhere. Last night at about 4pm he showed up to feed under my station. I called the Audubon Society and they gave me a bunch of numbers which no one answered. I am going to try to find him today and capture him with a sheet. Once I do that I am going to drop him off at Tufts Wild Life Clinic. I hope they fix it instead of putting him to sleep, but I can no longer watch him suffering in my yard. I watch him and I get depressed seeing how hard he is working to stay alive. I cannot let nature take it's course this time I am afraid. I saw cat paw prints in my yard yesterday and that could very well be his fate and I don't want that so I am going to try to capture him. He is a very quick little bird though and cornering hasn't helped thus far. I was reading that if you get a sheet around them, they become disoriented so it is easier to catch.
I will let you know how I do. He is not out there yet this morning and I have until noon to get him there because that's when the wildlife center closes.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Morning Kallen.. My Chickadee-dee-dees do the same thing.. They are definitely the most friendly of the birds that come to the feeder. I think they enjoy having me out there--since they love to chatter at me!!!

Steve B said...

Of Course I cannot speak for Tufts, but wildlife rehab centers will mend when they can. It also gives them experience for handling other birds. I even knew one rehab center that has a policy of fixing everything. The director said that someone may bring in a pidgeon today and if they don't try, the person may not bring in the hawk tomorrow.

Deborah Godin said...

Oh good luck with the junco, that sounds like a job for more than one person, hope you have some help!

Diane said...

Hi Kallen, hope you have good success with your attempts to help the junco. I love chickadees too - but the chestnut backed ones are very skitterish - they zoom in and zoom out. I can hardly capture them with the camera!

A New England Life said...

I hope things went well with the little Junco. If only he knew you were trying to help him.

The Chickadee's are so comical. They flutter around as you try to fill the feeders, dee-deeing the whole time. I just put up a peanut feeder yesterday (my first on ever) and I knew the Chickadee's would be the first to arrive. Sure enough, there they were bright and early this morning.


Shellmo said...

I hope you can find your poor junco! i tried to rescue a mourning dove this past summer and he disappeared. I had called the wildlife rehab center like Steve B had mentioned.

NCmountainwoman said...

Enjoy your wonderful little chickadees. I hope you can rescue the junco and give him a chance.

The Muse said...

Love your images, and adore your blog name :) ok, i love birds...can you tell?

Rich said...

Hi Kallen,
I am back in Juneau. I hope you got the little bird. We had to drop off people in Ketchikan and we almost didn't get out. It was snowing like crazy and they had to de-ice mulitple times. Our plane got knocked around a lot flying in and out. Juneau has massive snow... and it is still coming down.
Have a good day!

Jayne said...

Of course I love the chickadees as I live on Chickadee Drive!
Hope you are able to get the junco some help.

dAwN said...

Hi Kallen...
i hope you can help that poor little junco!
keep us posted..
Love your little coconut feeder


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