Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year Morning Visitors

A gold finch takes advantage of my heated bird bath. What you see in there is nyjer seed. It looks as if I am going to have to do some relocating. The fencing around it is to deter cats from pouncing on the birds should any of them arrive in my yard. I do this with all my standing bird baths because birds are more vulnerable when they are wet.

Lousy shot of a junco surveying the day from a perch. It looks like he is reflecting on the new year.
Happy New Year all.


A New England Life said...

Good morning and Happy New Years Day Kim!

Have you seen the little injured Junco? It is freezing cold this morning!! We haven't had many birds yet today but I did see the Flicker whom I wasnt sure was still around. It was a welcome sight.


Kallen305 said...

I don't know if I saw him. I swear I saw him when I was making coffee this morning. I grabbed a cup full of seed and threw it out there for him because I know he can't make it to the hanging feeders.

I opened the window and he walked away really fast near my fencing. I have not seen him since and I know there are no hawks here this morning.

I am hoping it was him and his wing is better and he flew away. It is wishful thinking on my part I am sure, but that's the beauty of having so many juncos in your yard so you can't tell the difference. You can make up your own happy ending...

Happy New Year Sharon!!

Deborah Godin said...

Your birdbath looks like it's working just fine and dandy, and the patrons appreciate it, I'm sure. Too bad about the little junco, it sure does tug the heartstrings to see an injured bird like that. I had a tree sparrow hit the window yesterday , but lightly, stopped and shook it off, and was on it's way in a few seconds, thank goodness.

Jayne said...

And a Happy New Year to you too Kallen. Pass me any of your extra Puffs please... snort, snort, blow. :c)

NCmountainwoman said...

Great New Year birds. I love the heated bath.

Alan said...

Nice heated birdbath! I know that the birds are enjoying it.
Happy New Year!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wish I had a heated birdbath, Kim. Maybe someday.. Of course, our weather is milder here---so it's much more important that you have one than me.

Hope the little Junco is okay. I know you are worried. I would be too.
Happy 2009.

Kallen305 said...

Betsy, the junco is still alive! I saw him an hour ago eating with the other birds. I followed his foot prints to an area underneath my house and that is where he roosted last night. He is able to use the wing more than yesterday but still can't fly. I went out there to try and grab him again and he started trying to use the wing so I backed down real fast because I don't think its broken but sprained and I didn't want to make it worse.

He is a little pig and fatter than any of my other juncos. I am pulling for him and hopes he can make it.

Shellmo said...

Nice to see your little finch enjoying the birdbath!

Rambling Woods said...

I am sorry about the junco, but the reality is that until they are really in trouble, it's hard to catch them. I was going to suggest a net. I always keep a net, paper bag with a piece of paper towel and a stick ready with a pair of gloves. You can then put a chip clip on the top of the bag.

Can you put your bird bath near a shrub or tree? Anyway that a wet bird might fly to easily? And it will get dirty no matter where you put it. But you need to dump the water and refill everyday to avoid diseases.

As far as starlings go, the only thing to do is to get a bird feeder that is weight sensitive or caged to keep them out. My suet is in caged feeders and they have trouble with that. The house sparrows and starlings then go to the ground feeder where I have cheaper seed. On another blog a woman got a BB gun and is going to shoot them...I can't do that.

Don't feel too badly about the junco if you can't get it..You can't help them all..

Steve B said...

Happy New Year! B and I may have flown right over your house this morning as the sun was coming up at about 7:00 am. It was beautiful with the red rays coming through the frozen mist and onto the pristine, white snow. Couldn't take a picture because my window was looking through the jet wash. I'm sure your back yard buddies love their new hot tub!


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