Friday, October 19, 2012

What else during the week but more migration data!

Figured I'd share more of the data from Recent Central Mass Bird Sightings that I've compiled and summarized.  I do it to share with all of you of course but I'm also thinking of moi and like having a place to store some of the interesting tidbits of info relative to the current month in one location so I can reference it anywhere I want, including the road on my Droid as it's easier than carrying paper and saves some trees as well so it's win/win for all of us!  ;-)

Anyway data above is of bird sightings from the 21st to the 27th from 1998 to 2012 I found note worthy.  The first thing you'll see is American Tree Sparrow and below that a bit is Fox Sparrow so keep you eyes out for them as they are possible this early!

There are some Northern Birds on there as well including the Boreal Chickadee, Gray Jay (double swoon) and Evening Grosbeak and there are now reports of the grosbeaks coming in to Massachusetts through MassBird and eBird including Central Mass so let's cross our fingers more follow.

Evening Grosbeak-eBird Map

The gull reports also interested me especially the Lesser Black-backed as I need it for Worcester County and would love the opportunity to pick one out myself considering all my experience with them this past winter and worry I'm out of practice!

And last the Northern Shrikes.  Probably one of the birds that interests me the most report wise as they appeared to be a lot more common than they are now so I'm really hoping they head our way this year as I'd love to get one closer to home than heading out to New Braintree.  NOTE:  The first MassBird report of one was just reported today near Plymouth I believe.

Another tidbit I found interesting and just wanted to prove you can still get some pretty darn cool birds (raptors in this case) during rain and fog as you will see under events!

And last some shorebird info which would be nice considering how disappointing it was for shorebirds this year in Worcester county.  Interesting to see the WSW winds both the day before and day prior to the Ruddy sighting as well as the increase in temps that day of to 70 degrees that day vs 49 the day prior due to those winds I'm sure. Keep your eyes out tomorrow folks as maybe we'll have some deja vu!

Take care all

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