Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Sandy Birding

Alan and I set out to do some Post Sandy birding today with the first stop being South Bay at Wachusett Reservoir.  It wouldn't take long to see a lone Horned Grebe nearby as well as a small raft of White-winged Scoters  making me very happy as it's the only scoter I needed for the year so took it as a good sign of what was yet to come.

We'd then head to Scar Hill for another look of the reservoir and would get better looks at some White-winged Scoters here too which was most welcome as it allowed me to not only see the white wings, but the tear drop near the eye.

Next was Mile Hill Road and we'd see Kevin already there and be thrilled that he'd already have his scope on two Bonaparte's (ETA:  Now in discussion-more later) Gulls as they'd be FOY's for both Alan and I.  This would also be the place I'd get my FOY Bufflehead so all in all a pretty productive spot!

Our last stop along Wachusett Reservoir would be Gate 39 where we'd both get another FOY which would be the often difficult to get Red-breasted Merganser for an added bonus!

We'd then head out to gate 43 at Quabbin Reservoir hoping for some shorebirds with Black-bellied Plover being top of the list.

We'd see a few Greater Yellowlegs including the one above who was gorging on what appeared to be insects.


We'd also see two Pectoral Sandpipers including the one above and I'd be very happy with the view considering no scope would be needed as they appeared rather tame.

Another score!  What it is I don't know but he/she seems to be enjoying it!

We never did find a Black-bellied Plover mixed in with the other shorebirds, but I'd be happy non the less as it was a very serene spot and the sun would feel nice after the last couple days of gray, windy weather.

The other highlight would be finding these moose tracks which were enormous and freshly made.

Alan's car keys to the side for a size comparison.  We'd never see any moose though and we'd never see the flock of crossbills who passed overhead as they were against a gray sky and quick but they sounded a lot more like White-winged Crossbills than Red so if you are in the Quabbin area keep both your ears and eyes out for them as they're around!!

A great day to do some post Sandy birding.  My heart does go out to all who have suffered damage due to this monster of a storm.  When I think of all the people, property, pets, wildlife and birds who were impacted  by Sandy, I can't help but have a heavy feeling in my heart.

Take care all.

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Larry said...

We certainly got quite an influx of sea ducks from the storm that continues. Still a chance of something truly unusual but less likely as the days go on.


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