Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trending "Rare" birds on eBird and Listserv's

I've taken advantage of all of the "Rare Bird Sightings", you can set up for yourself if you have an eBird account and have created it at both the state and county level for all of New England as well as parts of Canada where birds have the potential to migrate south and doing so by passing through Massachusetts.  I've also been looking at the listserv's and am seeing a few birds of interest including the Greater White-fronted Goose in the eBird map above.  As you can see sightings via eBird for Massachusetts do not appear yet.

But there are some reports of them coming in through MassBird (W Newbury in particular who's been there a couple of days)

And our own data with the two unique sightings of this goose happening Oct 23-2001 and Oct 17-2011 in the Dudley-Charlton vicinity so keep your eyes open because you never know!

Next is Golden Eagle where I've seen quite a few recent unconfirmed reports of them coming in through both NH and VT in particular.  As you can see Pack Monadnock had one recently and Donna, Bart and Dave had one at Barre Falls this past weekend which was their first of the season!

Data above that shows trends for this eagle in October and as you can see its right on schedule.

Last is Bohemian Waxwing.  No I'm not suggesting you keep your eyes out for the bird yet as it's far too early, but it is trending.  The data above is for October of this year only and as you can see we're starting to see some red!

Let's compare that to the entire month of October for last year and you can see the map with the red certainly looks promising!

Take care all.

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