Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vulture's Galore in Millbury-and not one of them Black

It seems as if the vultures are starting to stage closer to the Millbury area around the time I'm heading home from work and I'd see a good sized kettle of them yesterday while cruising down Route 146 and find myself doing some "birding and driving" as I paid attention to the road as well as trying to figure out where they were headed.  I'd be happy to see they were all going toward the mall and see them up near the movie theater so I'd switch lanes and head there myself!

And by the time I got up there they were starting to head elsewhere so I'd get my bins out and try and scan them all as quickly as I could because if I saw the Black Vulture I wanted to have enough time to get a record shot for eBird.  Of course all of them would be the typical TV's but would see one bird of interest different than the others but the slight dihedral  screamed Red-tailed Hawk to me and I'd realize I was right once it got closer to me.

I'd be headed home again today and see the vultures in a tree which is typical when there's rain so I'd stop to check them out hoping for the same luck as Alan and see the lone Black Vulture in a tree but again they'd all be TV's.  It would be then I could hear birds that sounded Siskinesque who were flying by and of course I'd never see them but did see a few other TV's scattered about the residential neighborhood.

They'd be on chimney's.

And on roof tops trying to dry their wings.

Very frustrating at this point considering just about everyone I know has gotten this bird and for some reason it's going to remain one of my few nemesis birds for the remainder of the year most likely.

That's not to say there hasn't been any good news to report.  I'd be getting into my car for work this morning and see the local Red-tailed Hawk on the chimney at the factory so am glad to see its still around and hoping it will help alleviate my squirrel problem this year as I get about 12 of them on my feeders during winter which is so problematic I don't even start feeding the birds until December first.  I'm now thinking of opening the cafe a little early and squirrel will be on the menu for my little raptor friend above.

Take care all.


Larry said...

I love seeing the vulture kettles this time of year but I have never seen a Black Vulture in the wild. Good luck in your endeavor and enjoy the show while you can!

Black Cat Gardening said...

I saw those turkey vultures in the tree the other day on the way home from work. They looked completely miserable in the rain.

Kim said...

I saw them too BCG and I was out in the rain with them and just as miserable as they were. :-) HA


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