Thursday, December 17, 2009

This and That December

Catching up here and decided to go through my various CBC pictures and imagine my surprise when I realize I missed the two photos of a Black-capped Chickadee above and below. I remember taking this photo as flocks of chickadees landed on branches and I was so absorbed in just getting in focus pictures, that I never noticed how odd this bird was until now.
Have no idea how I could have missed this one when I was going through my various photos Monday night but I took over 80 pictures of chickadees so that may have something to do with it! What you see here is shadow play that I thought at first was a melanistic chickadee.
Picture taken at Orlando's after the Christmas Bird Count. So wishing I checked my Blackberry before we decided to go there as I would have seen on MassBird that the White-winged Dove was nearby and we would have gotten life birds or state birds rather easily. Sigh, such is life. Was thinking of trying to see it tomorrow morning before work but have too many meetings yet again.
My Downy Woodpecker has finally discovered my suet which I noticed this morning before work when it suddenly landed on the cage.
It first went to the store made one, took a nibble and then flew over to the real stuff which it seemed to like better. The backyard birds have been going through a lot of seed lately so I guess it's officially winter! The American Goldfinches are the predominant bird in my yard again this winter which I don't mind as I am just being diligent this year in cleaning my feeders as I want to lesson the chance of disease like I had last year with one or two of them.
And absolutely love this Downy picture. HA! Here it is peeking at me as I am taking its photo.
Have been keeping my eyes a little more open the past few days on the Peregrine Falcons because I want to see where they are and when. I have noticed both don't seem to be around as much during the colder temps but don't know where they go. I took this picture Wednesday as one flew past my window. I have only seen one the past few days and it's always between 1:15 and 2:30. Don't' know where it goes in the AM but I can't find it.
Here it is landing briefly on the City Hall tower before flying off to hunt again.
Speaking of hunting, the cold temperatures also effect Rock Pigeon behaviour. When it gets really cold out they all flock to the building above where the sun hits them directly.
The Ring-billed Gulls from the Crompton Park area must have gotten the 411 that a man feeds the birds bread around the 446 Main Street building as there numbers have been increasing lately. Here is one flying past my window and you can see its reflection.
A picture of two European Starlings on a very taterred American flag. They do this no fail every day at 3:45 which I find odd (don't know if it's as odd as me knowing these things though!).
Finally American Crows I believe, going to roost over near Notre Dame. First time I have ever noticed them flying by downtown to get to their destination so will have to keep my eyes open more.

Take care all.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You had me guessing on that Chickadee.That is a unique shadow.:)I find too that the birds prefer my homemade suet over the store bought stuff.I am enjoying your blog and am glad I found it.

Rich said...

I am impressed! Birds on a flagpole at 3:45 every day - that is interesting.

Chad said...

I LOVE you two pics of the Chickadee... the color almost made me think was looking at something else... cool. Have a great Christmas!


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