Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Juvenille Bald Eagle-Millbury

Photo by Edd Cote
Photo by Edd Cote

I received an email late last week from a local photographer who I met on Lake Singletary a couple of weeks back who takes some incredible photos of everything local including some fantastic wildlife shots you may have seen in the Telegram & Gazette or online. Anyhow, he emailed me to let me know that a couple of people in Millbury have reported to him some Bald Eagle sightings so off I went last week in the rain to see if I could spot it. Drove past the area a couple of times here and there but never saw it. Got home tonight and the first thing I do is check my personal email and one of the first emails I get are these incredible pictures of a juvenile Bald Eagle!

Photo by Edd Cote

My heart skips a beat as I stare at this magnificent bird, swearing to myself over my fate of being desk bound when a creature as lovely as this is in my hometown. Not fair I tell you, totally not fair!!! According to Edd it was seen at 8 o'clock this morning, "Sitting on very top of tall pines on right side West Main St, just before Harris Ave as one heads towards Singletary Lake. (Right in front of the house to the left of Harris Oil)." He also noted the bird was so big that people were getting out of their cars to look at it so I am guessing it was quite the spectacle and probably something everyone who saw it will have in their memory forever. How cool is that!

Photo by Edd Cote

The shot above is wonderful in that it really shows the dark underside and white axillaires (aka wing pits), as well as some white on the underwing coverts.

Photo by Edd Cote

And here he is perched, contemplating life and wondering why he has an audience. Looks like I will be doing some pre-work birding for the next few days to see if I can see this bird for myself! Special thanks to Edd Cote for sending me these pictures and allowing me to post them on my blog. Take care all.


madcobug said...

Beautiful pictures. I hope you get to see it before it moves along. Helen

Chris said...

Hi Kim,
Wow these shots are superb... That is indeed very nice to meet people and that you get contact from them when something special is happening in bird life!!

Smalltown RN said...

Wow those are some pretty spectacular photos.

I had a new bird vist my place yesterday....the Clark's Nutcatcher. Apparently this bird only is found in my area about every 15 years....so lucky me to have spotted one....

mchwest said...

I stood by the river at Goretti's yesterday and watched an adult bald eagle, no one around to show him to! also saw it fly over river near the mall same time today, 11AM, Thought you'd want to check it out, Mary West of Millbury

Kim said...

Thanks Mary!!! I will be sure to keep my eyes open as I am a regular at Gorettis! I hope you get to see it again too!

Anonymous said...

He is still around!! Saw him yesterday at Dorothy pond! Couldn't believe my eyes! I've never seen one in the wild before. Beautiful... Breath taking!!!


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